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Are your users having an issue with your current service requesprocess?   

Check out our Serviere. It is revolutionizing the way businesses look at service requests. Our solution breaks down silos, improves bi-directional communication, and simplifies the entire service request process.

Hassle-free system to manage complaints in real-time - from anywhere, any time.

Addressing customer concerns is the key to the success of thriving companies. Today’s customers can interact with your business from anywhere, and responding to their complaints is quintessential to earning their trust. To achieve that, your agents need a centralized complaint management system to handle tickets without hassle.


Empower your agents and service managers with Impiger’s complaint management system to collect, analyze, manage and respond to queries in real-time under one roof. Also, our system enables the customer to track the complaint status whenever they want.


Today’s customers demand quick responses. Enable your customers and agents with a smart complaint management system to significantly amplify customer satisfaction and experience.


Unique features to streamline your complaint management process

Categorize complaints

Categorize complaints using usability, speed, etc., and resolve complaints faster. 

Track complaints 

Enable agents to track and collect the overall feedback to identify flaws. 

Leverage feedbacks

Collect and integrate feedback from multiple channels for actionable insights.

Prioritize tickets

Enable agents to resolve high-priority queries swiftly based on the severity.

Manage service

Manage service contracts, including hours, for unique customer services.

Automate notifications

Alert agents and customers with automated ticket notifications to act faster.

Leverage dashboard data

Leverage a centralized dashboard data to gain actionable insights.

Manage quotes

Send a quote through various stages and track the quote’s lifecycle.

Use geo-tagging

Capture data using geographic coordinates of customers.


Our solution helps businesses to reimagine the future of customer service through our unified, centralized portal built for ease of use and accessibility. Our effective and efficient service request management solution delivers a wide range of benefits to businesses.

Centralized ticketing system

Single console to track, respond and manage every ticket.

User-friendly interface

UX-rich interface to book and resolve tickets swiftly.

100% Transparency

Complete process visibility for key stakeholders.

Faster ticket resolution

Swift ticket allocations for faster resolves.

100% Actionable data

Accurate real-time data to make informed decisions.

Happy customers

Quick responses that boost customer satisfaction.

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