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Sieger is an engineering company manufacturing automation solution for the textile industry. Sieger has a dedicated R&D team who work efficiently with world class manufacturing facility to provide automation products in the divisions including textile machinery, Automatic Car Parking, Automatic storage, and material handling system. Some of their products include Yarn Conditioning solution, Cone Packing Solution, Automated sheet storage and handling solution etc. The facility is in Coimbatore spread across 40000 Sq. Meters with complete in-house state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The Story of Sieger

Seiger’s service Engineers had a major challenge in tracking their service calls and priorities. They were finding it difficult to streamline their service request and attend to it on time. Their customer satisfaction dropped with every passing day. This made Sieger react to the problem immediately. This is when Impiger was opted as the solution partner for Sieger. Impiger developed an android-based service tracking mobile application as an aid to declutter their service request.

The app is a robust solution that is built on cloud technology to ease data retrieval and safety. Their painful days soon turned out to be the golden phase post the implementation of Impiger’s state of the art Service Request management system. The system helped Sieger clear the backlogs of service issues. Our system brought total orderliness to the functioning there by able to effectively resolve the service requests that were received. 

The Challenge of effective Service Management before Using Inspicere

 With numerous service calls to attend, the Service Request Management solution was the current need for ensuring timely services to customers and capturing communication throughout. The ability to automate the service request workflow and centralize information to save time and increase productivity/optimize service professional utilization was needed.

The team was unhappy and underperforming due to a lack of a tracking system for their service requests and the customers turned dissatisfied in turn. The substandard performance results were reflected in quantitative and qualitative ways too.

Why Sieger Chose Inspicere

Sieger believed in Impiger’s strength. Impiger technologies were able to demonstrate the best solution. A service request management system named Inspicere was designed. This software helped customers to raise service requests with ease. The system organizes all the complaints and helps to work on each ticket at the right time. Transparency is created among the team members regarding the open tickets to make planning easy. This system helps to perform effectively and efficiently there by keeping the customers happy and in turn leading to profitable business outcomes. An increase in customer relations was also seen.

How Sieger Used Inspicere

The flow of Inspicere tool is as follows. A customer raises a request on his mobile app. They could select their product, type of request, and preferred service partner all on the app in just a few clicks. A ticket is created for the customer with all the input details. The ticket is then assigned to an engineer. The assigned engineer has permission to work on the case, upload attachments and close tickets.

Upon completion the ticket is resolved, and a report is generated. The web application dashboard that came with Inspicere helped Sieger’s Management and service partners see the status of service requests and escalations. The geo-tagging via the mobile application helped service partners to locate customers, as well as service engineers to close tickets once they were at a customer’s location. The in-built feedback for the quality of service was promptly solicited from customers. If a service received low ratings, engineers and management were notified of necessary corrective measures.

The Results

With Sieger’s Service Request Management System (a customized version of Inspicere), service engineers were able to easily organize and work on complaints in a timely manner. Customers can easily contact an Associated Service Partner to handle any issues they were experiencing with any of their products. Inspicere had an intuitive and user centric customer experience, which led to increased brand loyalty, higher customer retention & revenue realization

Standard benefits:

  • Decreased customer service costs
  • Reduced the number of customer service calls
  • Improved operational efficiency and customer relationships
  • Ability to manage all the open tickets from a single dashboard

Emotional benefit:

  • Built a loyal client base with happy customers
  • Maintained high standards of quality for Sieger
  • Nurtured better relationships with customers by being more transparent about their requests

It is okay if your service request handling experience is nil or negative. An easy to use and a fully customized solution to fit your business needs. It is a perfect way to handle customer service requests in a sequential order to improve efficiency and time management. It not only saves you time and money, but also provides your customers with a satisfactory positive service experience. Talk to us for a demo of our software today!