Interested in engaging customers instantaneously 24*7 intelligently?

Chatere aims to refine the support services to perfection with minimal human intervention. Our AI-powered chatbot can be trained and programmed to match your requirements and integrate seamlessly into your ecosystem.

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Engage, and nurture visitors using human-like conversation at every point to amplify leads.

With traditional systems, organizations struggle to generate and nurture leads to improve the business bottom line. Interacting and engaging website visitors on your website and across all touch points of their journey is backbreaking for marketers. Also, nurturing qualified leads consumes much time and effort.


Impiger’s AI-driven Chatbot solution will help you to overcome the aforementioned shortcomings. Implementing our Chatbot solution enables you to create an omnichannel experience for visitors using human-like conversation. Engage constantly, nurture visitors with relevant information, and convert them to high-quality leads.


Chatbots are the new normal, and organizations leveraging them grow quickly. Be there before your competitor does.


Key features that will amplify your lead generation efforts

Question & answer bot

Answer general queries via drop downs, selection boxes, etc., using pre-defined Q & A.

Contextual bot

Respond to visitor queries via inputs and voice controls based on the context.

Cognitive bot

Reply to queries by leveraging existing data (learnings) from the knowledge repository.


Chatere can help handle voluminous queries simultaneously within the  shortest turnaround time possible, thereby reducing customer wait time. Scale your business by maximizing sales & lead generation.

Enhanced workflows and productivity

Channelize obsolete processes using Chatbot to accelerate productivity.

Round-the-clock support

Engage visitors 24/7 and deliver consistent support when they need it.

Resolve problems faster

Respond to your visitor queries quickly and collect insights to resolve problems.

Eliminate overhead cost

Scale customer care efforts without increasing your resources and saving costs.

Generate & qualify leads automatically

Engage visitors at every point and convert them to potential high-quality customers.

Enhanced customer experience

Provide relevant information and personalized recommendations to improve the visitor experience.

Increase conversion rates

Engage website users better via chat and prompt them to take action.

Route calls to humans

Use live chat to answer simple queries and route to humans for complex queries.

Leverage pre-defined templates

Utilize our task-specific templates to launch Chatbots in no time and customize.

Integrate Chatbot with other tools

Integrate Chatbots in one click into every channel and solve problems quickly.

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