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Looking to optimize the sales process and improve the operational efficiency of field sales?

Prospere brings together the sales team and helps them attain desired results. It unifies all tools related to sales under a single umbrella. A streamlined view of the sales process provides clarity and gets the team on the same page.

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A comprehensive solution to bolster customer relationships, streamline sales and improve efficiency.

Field Sales is the key to success for thriving business. Manual sales systems fail to engage and nurture field force at the right time, leading to customer disengagement. Optimizing the sales process and improving operational efficiency of field sales are all-important for winning customers and their trust.


Impiger’s Sales 360 solution enables the workforce to streamline the sales process and improve efficiency. Our solution helps the sales team to streamline the sales workflow, set up approvals, leverage accurate data, and gain sensible insights to make smarter decisions, resulting in improved customer service and experience.


Enhance the sales process visibility with our Sales 360 Solution and enable every stakeholder involved to generate, nurture and delight customers at every stage.


Imperative features that will bolster business-customer relationship

Create order

Let your customer order for a service or product delivery with quantity, price, and date.

Create leads

Update new contact information in the database by default and import details when needed.

Approve workflows

Set up workflow protocols and approval hierarchy for articles used by your organization.


Define roadmaps and optimize routes for field sales quickly and smartly.


Set up schemes and discounts to attract customers and improve sales.

Notify users

Update and alert about specific notifications happening in Salesforce to users.

Optimize route

Enable sales reps to find the most efficient route to save time and cost.

Manage complaint

Note complaints, track, and respond to customer every query on-the-go.


Manage delivery by consolidating order data and optimizing delivery route.

Manage attendance

Ensure self-check-in and seamless registration to track attendance from anywhere, any time.

Plan sales

Devise a well-defined strategy that aligns with the sales and marketing team’s objectives.


Prospere helps with enhancing customer service by streamlining your sales process. Tracking of the field salespersons and assigning leads to the team can also be managed from the solution thereby making it easy to collaborate and makes use of the analytical insights.

Updated database

Leverage the updated database for sales and marketing efforts to nurture leads.

Streamlined sales process

Unify the sales process with faster approvals to expedite the operations and performance.

Data storage and safety

Ensure customer data is safe and stored in a centralized repository for promotions.

Improved customer service

Engage customers and deliver products on time to delight customers.

Seamless tracking

Track and manage customer data from anywhere and at any time without hassle.

Elevated Growth

Take advantage of the sales data to evaluate and elevate the business success and growth.

Improved collaboration

Collaborate and share documents and other vital details to improve operations.

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