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Beckman Coulter has been an operating company of Danaher corporation based out of Brea, California since 2011. Beckman Coulter are leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment. Their diagnostic systems are used in complex biomedical testing. Their products are used across the globe due to the accuracy of results and shortest TAT. They are working on bringing the benefit of automation to the clinical diagnostic system so that advancement and enhancement can be brough into the health care industry

The story of Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter has been working on improving the standard of the healthcare industry by manufacturing diagnostic systems. Diagnostic laboratories have seen tremendous change since the entry of Beckman Coulter into the Industry. Such a powerful business that could provide solution to 1000’s of laboratories found it difficult to maintain their own customer issues. They lacked a complaint management system that could track the issues lodged by customers relating to service requests from across the globe.

Impiger was their goto choice for Service Request Management System. They had requested a fully functional application that could help organize their service requests. Impiger came up with Serviere for their solution.

The Challenge of effective Complaint Management before Using Serviere

Beckman Coulter believes in automation and works towards automating the diagnostic process. Hence, they were able to nail the issue easily and looked out for a system that could automate their complaint management process. The functioning of the organization was inconsistent with regards to quality. There were mixed reviews among customers as they did not have a proper tracking system. For some they attended to the request immediately, some delayed and some missed out. Incomplete requests were their number one drawback.

Why Beckman Coulter Chose Serviere

Beckman Coulter themselves were looking to automate the diagnostic industry and knew the importance and value of such digital transformations. They knew what to look for in a good digital transformation partner and that was exactly what they saw in Impiger. They decided Impiger could be the best support system to choose to aid their growth plan. This trust that Beckman had on Impiger was maintained by delivering a robust Service request management system that met with their expectations.

How Beckman Coulter Used Serviere

Impiger strategically implemented a complaint management that could change the functioning strategies and overcome their inconsistency issue. Some of the notable features that the solution includes are as follows. With this app in place Customers could lodge a complaint and track the progress. On the other hand, service engineers received notifications on their mobile each time a ticket was assigned. As a process the service engineers could close the ticket once the complaint is rectified, and this could be done only if the customers accepted the issue is rectified. The app was developed to support both iOS and android platforms. For the efficiency improvement of the organization reports, user management and admin activities could be performed using the backend web portal.

The Results

The management of Beckman Coulter knew how the system would change their performance. So that was not a surprise for them. What really surprised them was how prolific the system could function. The system was flawless, and dint have a place where they could find fault with or give any suggestions. They could watch engineers get assigned their tasks and get worked on the issue within a short turnaround time. The escalations and alerts were also happening just as expected.

Standard benefits:

  • Decreased pending works
  • Reduced the number of escalation calls
  • Improved operational efficiency

Emotional benefit:

  • Customer satisfaction improved multifold.
  • Maintained the company’s reputation
  • Nurtured better relationships with customers and service engineers.

Beckman Coulter could visualize what they wanted and what they received. They were completely satisfied. End customers were happy and service engineers could work efficiently. Reach out to us for any digital transformation requirements that you would love to have for your organizations.






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