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Hunting for the right tools to transform employee experience multifold?

No matter where or how your employees work. Bridge the gap between you and your employees with the help of our Nectere. Nectere helps promote seamless information sharing and connectivity within the organization.


The NextGen Intranet portal that allows your workforce to communicate, engage, and collaborate with a button click.

Keeping employees informed, updated, and intact is pivotal for the growth of any organization in any industry. A sense of enhanced responsibility and emotional connection will happen when employees understand what they work, with whom they work, and why. Hence an Intranet is no more an optional tool.

  • It acts as a culture imbiber by having provision for communicating the organization’s vision, purpose, and updates.
  • Helps to enable a social connection by empowering an ecosystem to interact with each other virtually.
  • Create a bandwagon by providing a platform for knowledge transfer, i.e., sharing documents, information, and articles.
  • Enable organization synergy by providing a coworking tool to collaborate from anywhere and anytime.

Leveraging Impiger’s intranet portal will help employees perform efficiently with seamless communication, data sharing, and project collaborations. Having the complete information under one roof will catalyze your workforce to access data whenever they want from anywhere, any time.


Indispensable features to engage and collaborate your workforce better

Broadcast information

Share the most recent or future happenings about the company to all stakeholders.

Share news

Share news about a new initiative or goal relevant to the company and culture.

Schedule leadership speaking

Schedule leadership speaking to share the leader’s most recent opinions or actions.

Set up polls

Schedule and run event-related polls to hear out from your workforce.

Say kudos

Recognize employee achievements and appreciate them to improve engagement.

Enable quick link

Enable your workforce to access frequently used pages with a collection of links.

Run surveys

Schedule and run online surveys to ensure employee engagement and satisfaction.

Showcase photo - video gallery

Display the memorable moments of employee photos and videos in the gallery.

List events – holidays

Display the list of events and holidays for the month or quarter.

Add birthdays, anniversaries, and fresher lists

Include employee birthdays, anniversaries, and new joiners list to celebrate.

Include key contacts

List critical contacts of peers with information to contact whenever needed.

Display social feed

Share the most recent feeds from YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook with colleagues.

Create policies & procedures

Create and list procedures to company values and ethics with the workforce.

Award workforce

Appreciate and award the best employee of the quarter for improving morale.

List FAQs

Add a set of FAQs to help the workforce answer common queries instantly.


Nectere weaves the connectivity across departments, locations, and offices. Our robust solution can foster collaboration and employee engagement to the next level effortlessly. Nectere hosts a ton load of benefits.

Pre-configured templates

Pre-configured yet customizable templates for different customer needs.

Robust content governance

Create, publish, edit and manage content without hassle.

Easy to deploy

Simple, painless implementation and integration.

Industry-leading support

Constant support before and after intranet implementation.

Highly customizable

Customize the product the way you want effortlessly.

Live status updates

Utilize the live status to track all of your activities.

Centralized platform

Let your workforce collaborate, communicate and share under one platform.

UX-rich interface

Access the portal seamlessly via a UX-rich interface.

Post Views

Posts help the people in the organization to share news and analyze the analytics around it.

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