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Grundfos is a global supplier of pumps, valves, and related products for domestic and commercial water supply. Founded in 1945, the company now employs more than 19,000 people worldwide. Grundfos operates with four customer segments – Commercial Building Services, Domestic Building Services, Industry and Water Utility – to provide sustainable solutions that keep customers’ water flowing smoothly. With operations on all continents but Antarctica (yet!), they are committed to delivering quality equipment that offers maximum performance while minimizing environmental impact.

The story of Grundfos
The customer has been historically using the traditional call-centre solutions to track and solve any customer issues, however, it has been ineffective, to say the least. When Grundfos realised that their call centre solutions were no longer effective, they knew they had to make a change. They turned to Impiger for help.

Impiger came up with Inspicere, a unified and integrated Service Request Management System (SRMS) that eased the way customer queries and complaints were handled and solved in a seamless and timebound manner. Finally, after years of struggling with a dysfunctional call centre system, Grundfos switched to Impiger’s state-of-the-art SRMS. The results were immediate.

Customers were delighted with the quick response times and easy access to support. Moreover, due to streamlined workflows and better visibility into problem resolution progress, management was able to identify process improvements that resulted in even greater efficiency over time.
The Challenge of effective customer service before Using Inspicere

Traditional call centres were no longer effective in managing customer service requests. This was seen in the reduced operational efficiency and poor customer relationships. The traditional call centre approach was ineffective and inefficient. It was hard to keep track of all the open tickets, and this affected customer relationships. The end-customers were unhappy with the service they’re receiving, but there existed no clear way to track and solve their problems. Money was lost every day due to the inefficiency of the customer service.

Why Grundfos Chose Inspicere

Impiger Technologies had the best solution for this case. It involved an end-to-end service request management tool called Inspicere. This software helped manage customer service requests more effectively and efficiently. There was transparency and control over all the open tickets, which improved operational efficiency and customer relationships.

Inspicere allowed customers to manage all their customer interactions from one central location. This gave the stakeholders transparency and control over all the open tickets with the issues associated that can be solved quickly and efficiently.

How Grundfos Used Inspicere
Grundfos customers were able create requests through their mobile apps. They could select their product, type of request, and preferred service partner all on the app in a matter of few clicks. A service partner was notified whenever a customer requested a new service. They could assign the request to an engineer, who had permission to work on the case, upload attachments and close tickets. The web application dashboard that came with Inspicere helped Grundfos Management and service partners see the status of service requests and escalations.

The geo-tagging via the mobile application helped service partners to locate customers, as well as service engineers to close tickets once they were at a customer’s location. The in-built feedback for the quality of service was promptly solicited from customers. If a service received low ratings, engineers and management were notified for necessary corrective measures.
The Results

With the Grundfos Service Request Management System (a customized version of Inspicere), customers were able to easily contact an Associated Service Partner to handle any issues they were experiencing with any of their products. Plus, Inspicere had an intuitive and user-centric customer experience, which led to increased brand-loyalty, higher customer retention & revenue realization.

Standard benefits:

  • Decreased customer service costs
  • Reduced the number of customer service calls
  • Improved operational efficiency and customer relationships
  • Ability to manage all the open tickets from a single dashboard

Emotional benefit:

  • Built a loyal client base with happy customers
  • Maintained high standards of quality for Grundfos
  • Nurtured better relationships with customers by being more transparent about their requests

It is understandable if you are feeling left out or lost with your existing service request handling experience. Inspicere is quite simple & straight-forward to use and can be customized according to your specific business needs. It’s the perfect way to take control of your customer service and improve your business operations. This not only saves you time and money, but also improves your customer relationship.






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