How SharePoint Workflow Automation Expedites Productivity and Growth?

In the evolving business world, enhancing productivity through organized and streamlined workflow is the key to constant success. Bringing down the time to market and meeting deadlines is always critical and ensuring streamlined workflows is right approach to make it happen.


ADA Lawsuits Against Educational Institution Websites on the Rise

Of late, websites of educational institutions are under the radar of ADA lawsuit and increase in the number of lawsuits against them proves that. It’s true that the topic of web accessibility issues against different industry verticals is complicated due to the delayed rules and dynamic changes imposed by the Department of Justice in US.


4 Reasons Why Enterprise CMOs Prefer Sitecore Over Other CMSs

Over time, online customers look out for seamless experiences across every channel and device. So, the challenge before companies is to discover a unified platform that ensures continuous customer engagement through persuading interactions.


5 Benefits of Business Process Management with SharePoint Workflows

There is a challenge for every organization that plans to improve its profits by leveraging business process. To achieve that improving the business process consistently is the key. But, in reality improving the process and managing workforce is difficult.


ADA Website Violations Could Embroil Your Bank in a Costly Lawsuit

There is a steep increase in the number of banks receiving demand letters from Plaintiff firms for website violations under American Disabilities Act (Title III). The allegations are that their websites comprise accessibility barriers, lack of functionality to keyboard access, text re-sizes etc.


3 Steps for Ensuring Deep Customer Relationship with Sitecore Web Personalization

Delivering marketing messages to your digital audience is a complex task. Sitecore has made this task easier and with its Experience Platform performing personalized marketing activities is absolutely seamless. Getting to know the visitors is the only way to improve customer engagement and interactions. Before getting started with how to leverage the Experience Platform for personalizing the website, let’s throw

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7 Reasons Why Modern-Day Business Relies on Sitecore for ROI Boost

Despite the availability of several enterprise content management systems today, only a few have managed to improve business needs by balancing complexity and functionality. And, Sitecore tops the list with its out-of-the-box features and benefits!


4 Successful SharePoint Implementation Tips that Improves Business Growth and ROI

There is a common misconception that SharePoint is built only for storing and sharing documents: it’s baseless. In reality it is a versatile tool that can be hammered to any shape. This is one of the reasons that has made SharePoint a runaway hit in the business arena.


ADA Penalties and Lawsuit: What Financial Institutions Need to Know and Do?

Is your finance-based website accessible to everyone? If your answer is either NO or NOT SURE, it doesn’t matter! Anytime you will receive a demand letter from plaintiff firms in US seeking settlements or lawsuit.


4 Reasons Why Enterprise Mobility Matters for Your Business

As IT heads and business decision makers, you might be thinking why should you embrace mobility when your business is chugging along just right, without any need for technology.

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