The Importance of IoT Solution for Oil and Gas Industry

The evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the world and companies adopting this technology are delivering better performance.  Recent to join the bandwagon is the oil and gas companies.


5 Tips to Hiring a Mobile App Developer for Your Critical Business Needs [Infographic]

To plan and implement a mobile application that best suits your critical business needs, discovering and hiring a right mobile app development company with skilled developers is a must.


4 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Mobile Application for Your Business

Statista report claims that both Android and Apple stores have more than 2.2 million apps. What do you infer from this report? Yes, mobile apps are growing at breakneck pace and it is expected to reach 3 million in the future. Applications are no longer confined only to gaming and personal users but have extended enough to reach business customers

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6 Android App Development Fundamentals for First-Time App Developers

When it comes to evolution of the mobile applications, a major share contributed by Google’s Android can’t be neglected. Android app store is considered most utilized store as it is flooded with a wide array of applications across every genre. Given the simplicity and easy to use nature, Android applications are the most widely consumed in 83% of global countries.


Why Rapid Mobile App Development Can Expedite Productivity in 2017?

Finding an app developer with app development proficiency, specially coding, is tough nowadays. Recent findings point out there is a steady rise in recruiting skilled talent and this may further increase in the years to come. With mobile dominating the global workspace, it is highly difficult to find a skilled developer with flawless mobile technology expertise.


5 Tips for Developing an Effective Digital Transformation Strategy for Your Business

80–90% of C-level executives are investing in digital transformation. The rise of Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence points out digital technologies are evolving fast and dealing with the disruption of technologies the biggest challenge staring at top level executives of different organizations.


Ecommerce Product Catalog Management Challenges and Solution for Retailers

To snatch the foothold among fierce competition, retailers have no other option but to provide every piece of information their customers need instantly. Ecommerce owners are left with no choice but to find out a way for showcasing their products to online customers effectively and efficiently.


Is Your IoT Device Safe and Secure? Managing Security Risks Still a Concern for Many!

Of late, most news portals are focusing on one thing: Internet of Things (IoT) security breaches. This is due to two reasons: (1) the explosive growth of IoT has garnered the attention of everyone around the world; (2) the security breaches could impact every user owning a IoT product at home or anywhere.


4 Essentials for Developing a Winning Mobile App Strategy for Your Business

Gartner says mobile devices can’t be considered as toys anymore but technology-enabled tools to leverage workforce and business. The report further adds the gigantic growth of mobile apps hints at establishing cohesive strategies for developing and deploying apps that can enhance customer base and ROI.


4 Workflow Automation Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Must Know Before Implementation

4 Workflow Automation Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Must Know Before Implementation Implementing workflows automation isn’t easy as it looks and can’t be taken lightly. Planning is critical for ascertaining a smooth workflow automation from start to finish. To ensure this, developing in-depth insights on automation mistakes will enable avoiding the most common mistakes. Why workflow automation is critical? Before moving forward
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