The Handbook of Inspection and Maintenance Management System

Inspection and Maintenance Management System is for organizations with huge infrastructure where maintenance of these infrastructure becomes a great cause for concern. Sometimes it is not enough if you just provide a world-class facility. It is equally important to take care of and maintain these facilities. A regular maintenance/inspection helps to determine if the facility is in proper condition or not. To maintain these facilities, we need a robust inspection management system. There are two parts to the solution. One side the solution caters to the assets management where the company has a lot of assets to be inspected and maintained. On the other side we take care of the facilities that the company must manage. Both can be taken care of with the help of a single solution.
Who needs an Inspection and Maintenance Management System
Our inspection and Maintenance Management system can be used by public and private places.
Public Places.
  • Some of the public places include Airports, Railway Stations, Metros, Bus terminals, and all kinds of government offices.
Private Places.
  • Factories include all sectors like the manufacturing sector, construction sector, agriculture sector, service sector like educational institutions, banks, hospitals, corporate offices and many more.
  • Malls and Cinema theatre can also include other places of entertainment industry like recording studios, production/media houses and the like.
  • The hospitality industry can include places like luxury hotels, wedding halls, restaurants, Apartment complexes or residential places etc.
  • Storage industry includes warehousing facilities which includes courier offices, local Godowns and the related pictures.
We can tweak the system to fit exactly into all industry/Sector as per your need. The possibilities are endless, and we can tailor this solution to fit your organization.
Why an Inspection and Maintenance Management System
Our system helps you with several benefits. Here are a few to consider:
  • It simplifies the daily process and speeds up the task.
  • Can overcome the manual process which involves a lot of paperwork. There is difficulty in tracing back the old incidents.
  • To provide immediate attention to the incident.
  • Can send reminders and alerts for long pending tasks.
  • Can escalate the issue if proper action is not taken.
  • Can minimize breakdowns and avoid downtime. Helps to detect equipment problems and undertake maintenance activity much before the onset of a problem.
  • To sustain business profitability by maintaining the quality of the product or service.
  • Maintenance influences the business’s success by maintaining the assets and infrastructure at the right time.
  • Can generate reports with respective information related to the incident.
What are the issues that our system has addressed
Here are some key points that we have considered while creating this solution.
  • Reaching people to raise a concern was not easily possible.
By using our app, you can reach out to the right person easily by simply creating a ticket.
  • It was a hassle to go about doing manual inspections without a proper tracking system.
Automating the task helped to speed up and simplify the task. An inspection checklist can be created and maintained with ease. We also have an option to upload pictures of the inspection with a time stamp. This makes the life of a supervisor easy. He can easily supervise without having to visit the location.
  • Frequent machinery breakdown details were not easily known.
Managers can have a clear picture of the condition of machinery by having a look at the repair histories and the nature of breakdowns. They can have a clear idea to decide when the time is to replace or repair equipment well in advance with the help of reports generated.
  • No track of employees carrying out the task as per schedule.
When issues are not taken care of by the engineer our system sends out alerts and reminders to staff. If the issue is not taken care of in a certain amount of time, then the incident will escalate to the next level. These are some of the features that are a part of our inspection and maintenance management system.
What is the technology stack used:
This solution is built for both web and mobile portal for ease of use. It is a cloud-based system that enables management to access information from anywhere and anytime. It is built by using a mix of android, Kendo UI and SQL servers. This tech stack can also be modified to fit your specific needs and requirements. Reach out to us for a free demo/trial to have a clear idea about our solution.

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