Quarterly Townhall July- 2023

The Quarterly Townhall meet had a spirited start as CEO Ramakrishnamoorthy took the center stage and addressed the organizational gathering with hot business updates. That was followed by a Q&A session and a rewards segment.


In the first part of the meeting, Ramakrishnamoorthy delved into Impiger’s strengths that have resulted in accomplishments, and shortcomings that can be and need to be worked on as a priority. He shared about a few exciting business wins such as contract extensions, the sealing of new deals, successful deliveries and customer appreciations. Impiger is a powerhouse of solutions and that was reaffirmed during this segment.


Ramakrishnamoorthy went on to dissect the roadmap of what lies ahead in terms of opportunities that the organization can capitalize on, especially utilizing their strengths. He simultaneously announced the official inauguration plans of the workspace in Texas, USA. While the expanded office in Chennai is bustling with employees bidding farewell to work-from-home, the redone Coimbatore office is set to begin operation in a month’s time.


The second part of the meeting was a Q&A session. CEO Ramakrishnamoorthy attentively answered employees’ queries with regards to growth, expansion of business scope, hybrid work model, work-life balance, and more. Employee engagement activities are definitely in the pipeline as promised by the CEO.


The interactive session proved to be eye-opening in certain ways while simultaneously adding a flavor of casualness to the otherwise formal setting thus far. Ramakrishnamoorthy’s democratic leadership was evident as he receptively welcomed novel thoughts and ideas raised during the session, reaffirming employees of their concerns. He further encouraged all employees to take up learning as a sincere day-to-day habit, in the best of their individual interests.


The Townhall concluded on a celebratory note for it was the rewards and recognition segment. Employees who performed exceedingly well in their respective projects were recognized for their contributions. All gathered in the meeting lauded the exemplary performers who shared a little about their experiences and takeaways. CEO Ramakrishnamoorthy acknowledged the winners’ efforts and character shown towards the organization’s progress.

July’s Townhall was an insightful and unified gathering, which saw attendees from all office regions come together to hear the CEO’s address. A leader who truly cares looks beyond just his organization’s monetary profits and CEO Ramakrishnamoorthy modelled the way. He pursues a “people first” approach towards both employees and customers, placing importance on being respectful. His final remarks focused on individual character, eliminating arrogance, and abiding by moral standards, as these are reflected in everything one does, including work.

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