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Amplify customer lifetime value with connected digital experiences

Impiger works closely with industry leaders in fields like e-commerce, education and others to create innovative and market-disrupting AR and VR solutions that help businesses reduce costs of simulation and wow customers through unique experiences. Virtual and augmented reality technologies make experiences more engaging and realistic. They allow users to become a part of the brand experience instead of merely witnessing an event from the outside.

Certain business ideas might seem quite basic when considered visually. But when you add a layer of virtual or augmented reality, you transform your service into an unforgettable experience.

At Impiger , we leverage AR, MR and VR technologies across platforms to provide you with immersive mobile and web app solutions that can run on devices like tablets, smartphones, HDMs (head-mounted displays), HDUs (head-up displays) and advanced eyewear.

Enterprise-Ready AR/VR Solutions


In the industrial and manufacturing industry, AR and VR can speed up day-to-day operations in domains like 3D prototyping technologies and tools. For this, you need a virtual model of your product. In the quality control and assembly sections, virtual machine or product assembly is required along with immersive sales and marketing

person wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset and engaged in designing or creating using the VR technology. The person is immersed in a virtual environment and using motion controllers or gestures to interact with the virtual elements.

Education & Corp Training

AR and VR technology helps deliver engaging real-world simulations within safe environments. This allows for limitless possibilities within learning and teaching processes, ensuring a more engaging, efficient and interacting environment simulation while training. This is not restricted to education but is also useful within automation, aviation, energy, military and construction industries for several purposes.


The retail sector uses AR/VR technology for multiple purposes like virtual walkthroughs. This helps customers try outfits easily, allowing them to make faster choices. This ensures rapid buying decisions, greater engagement and increased brand awareness and loyalty.

A woman standing in a retail shop, engaging with a digital screen interface to browse and interact with products or services.

Why Choose us for AR VR App Development?

In the past 18 years since our start we has evolved and grown as a leading tech service provider, developing solutions for the most reputed and largest conglomerates across the world. Our excellence is a blend of technical skills, industry expertise and a focus on solutions with app and process framework outsourcing capabilities.

Our unique approach to solution development helps align our processes with your business interests, ensuring higher flexibility in engagement and delivery, providing continuous support for clients and innovating through our innovation labs and competence centres. Our integrated development facilities network spread across India is aided by our offsite, onsite and near-shore capabilities across international markets. This allows us to deliver superior quality and service while optimising costs and expenses

Create a unique customer experience

The greatest benefit of AR technology for business is that it helps create unique experiences across digital platforms that combine the physical and digital worlds. Additionally, the quality of the experience doesn’t change with hardware or software differences. You can get superior experiences from your smartphone using dedicated mobile apps.

Increase user engagement

There are countless applications and channels through which AR can improve user and brand interaction. This includes interactive ads, store signage, scannable labels and catalogues. The novelty that AR technology offers and its advanced information delivery capabilities help create an engaging experience for customers

Create a competitive differentiation

In today’s rapidly evolving market, every enterprise is offering similar products within the same range. Brands that wish to stand out need a way to differentiate their offerings from the others in the market. This is where AR can help your business grow.
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