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TATA Trent is one of the leading players in the branded retail industry in India. Founded in 1998 and part of the Tata group, Trent has been a market leader since inception with its pan-India operations. The company’s focus on aspirational fashionability and scaling up exciting exclusive brands ensured that it stays at the forefront of trends. To stay ahead of competition, they have focused on improving their speed by opening stores as quickly as possible to scale up reach nationwide while also ensuring faster delivery to their customers through omnichannel services like home delivery.

The Story of TATA Trent

As TATA Trent continued to grow, they were expanding their facilities and looking for ways of increasing efficiency. The company was using a Web-based tool that tracked maintenance & safety issues that existed across its stores. Using this Web-based tool Trent was able to get more information about what’s going on with their business from an operation and maintenance perspective.

The Maintenance Challenge Before Using Inspicere

The existing web-based tool that could log and track Maintenance and Safety issues were licensed per user which the client found becoming quite expensive in this case since all employees will have access without owning individual licenses. Also, the existing one did not have any mobile application support for ease of use for respective management users.

Why TATA Trent Chose Inspicere
The web-based tool was not efficient enough to handle the large number of tickets that were generated every day. It was slow and did not allow for proper tracking and resolution of issues. This led to lack of clarity for the management in auditing the stores.

Impiger’s Inspicere was a multi-faceted service request management tool that paved the way for better tracking of issues and provided configurable SLAs to ensure that each of tickets raised was brought to a logical closure.
How TATA Trent Used Inspicere
With Inspicere, Store Managers were not just able to report Maintenance and Safety issues across stores throughout the region, they were able to track down centrally through dashboards. In addition, if multiple people were assigned to resolving an issue, the software allowed them all to collaborate, access and update via their mobile devices using the customized Android apps built for the same!

Finally, Inspicere offered customizable SLAs (service level agreements) which allowed topmanagement/managers/supervisors set up rules for resolution times based on priority levels of reported issues as well as escalation tones which let users escalate unresolved tickets up through management chains until resolved – ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks at any point along the way!
The Results

Inspicere helped store-level users inspect their stores for compliance with TAT Trent’s hygiene and cleanliness standards. The various issues were quickly identified and with the click of few buttons the tickets were routed to the appropriate people for resolution and tracked henceforth for SLA compliance. The migration from a per-user licensing system to a system-wide licensing model helped save a lot of recurring infrastructural expenses.

Standard benefits:

  • Improved efficiency of stores
  • Tracked assets in a timely manner
  • Reduced time spent on resolving issues
  • Maintenance Officer/ Store Officer were able to track and manage tickets via dashboards

Emotional benefit:

  • Stay ahead of the curve with the changes in the industry
  • Get to know your store’s assets better
  • One never missed an important detail ever again

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