A Comprehensive Guide to Managed Services

Managed services mean hiring IT-managed service providers to help you with your IT, infrastructure, and other technical services. Managed services give you the benefit of achieving the same task by highly experienced people and reducing the overall time and money spent on it. As per research by Intelligent Technical Solution, managed services will help in reducing IT cost by 25-45% and will also increase the operational efficiency by 45-65%. Isn’t it a phenomenal change?

Are you having sleepless nights while wanting to achieve high? Are you looking for a hassle-free end user service? Are you dreaming of a zero-incident ecosystem? Do you think all of this can really happen? Absolutely. All of this CAN happen with the power of managed service. Let us dive in to understand how this overall concept works.

Why Managed Services:
  • Saves on Operational Cost
  • Better Professional Service
  • Lesser Burden
  • Increases Confidence
  • Improves Risk management
  • Creates Automation and leads to transformation
  • Improved Cx Experience
Process Involved in hiring a Managed Services Provider:
The process involved in setting up a managed service is as follows.
Right time for Managed services:
Are you still confused if you really need the help of a managed services provider? Ponder on if you have encountered these kinds of statements in your organization.
  • We encountered quite a lot of outages and downtimes.
  • Our budget was all over due to the changes that needed to be made with regards to business application.
  • We feel there are insufficient hands to help with our functioning or service.
  • Our achievement was not to the expected level or target was not achieved.
If you answered yes at least once, then it is time for you to invest in a managed service provider.

Types of Managed Services that we offer:
  • End User Computing services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Security services
  • Application Services
  • Business as Usual (BAU)
Things to consider while choosing a managed service provider:
Choosing the right service provider is especially important because only the right provider can offer you the right kind of service and comfort. A service provider who sets the highest quality standards where no one can question and who can beat his own standards is considered the best. An experienced serviced provider will be able to guide you with thought-provoking ideas. The provider must have a good client reputation for his flawless service. They should also be able to offer unparalleled performance. The right service provider will have strict SLA. One who has stringent SLA ‘s is the one who is confident on their services. They must also have a quick response and resolution time for meeting P1 and P2 tickets. If your business requires, also look for 24*7 support across time zones. They also follow the process as per ITIL framework.

We at Impiger, have all the above-mentioned qualities as a managed service provider. We offer the best strategic partnership relationship with our clients. Reach out to us for your managed service’s needs.

Maheshwari Vigneswar




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