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Top 5 Challenges on the Road to Digital Transformation and Solutions to Overcome Them

Digital transformation is no longer an option for businesses but a necessity. Advanced technologies have started to impact and have transformed the way people communicate, collaborate and interact with business. For most CEOs, it is a matter of survival in the evolving business landscape.


Transforming Customer Service with AI-Powered Chatbots

A personalized and 24/7 customer service really matters and businesses across different industry verticals have started to realize this. Automation is topping the charts of most customer-centric companies; programs, tools, and technology related to this are echoing all over.  


5 Exciting Ways Digital Transformation Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is evolving fast and the trend is all set to continue at least for several years. But a real challenge affecting the efficiency and growth of this industry is managing and sharing data within the organization, as this ensures hassle-free patient care and recovery. According to PwC, digital technologies are transforming the landscape of the healthcare industry
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5 Ways Digital Transformation Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing Industry

A key to success for manufacturers is their ability to focus on product design, production process advancements, and customer satisfaction. However, meeting this criteria with paper-based processes impacts the bottom-line. While a few manufacturers have already started to accept the digital revolution, many hesitate as they’re unaware of the benefits digital transformation solutions can add to their industry.


5 Tips for Developing an Effective Digital Transformation Strategy for Your Business

80–90% of C-level executives are investing in digital transformation. The rise of Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence points out digital technologies are evolving fast and dealing with the disruption of technologies the biggest challenge staring at top level executives of different organizations.


Digital Transformation: Creative Enterprise Solutions for Effective Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and productivity is the key for the growth of any enterprise and it is the most discussed among business heads. Creating an effective engagement is never easy and requires solutions addressing the unique challenges of each employee, which is tricky!


What Is Digital Transformation and Why Enterprises Must Embrace It Now?

60–70% Of executives agree that digital transformation is imperative for business success in terms of staying ahead of competition, adopting advanced technologies and aligning with the present and future business shifts.

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