Impiger Technologies Now A CMMI Maturity Level 3 Appraised Organization

impiger cmmi

Impiger Technologies a global technical development organization has been appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 3 by an audit conducted by KPMG. This audit comes in light of examining the industry’s constantly evolving benchmarks and how well Impiger was able to ascertain to this change. 

Ramakrishnamoorthy V., Founder, Impiger Technologies, states, “The CMMI Maturity level 3 rating is a noteworthy breakthrough in our journey to become a leading IT partner to our customers. We adopt and adapt best practices from the CMMI model to integrate wide-ranging software development principles. This rating is a justification of our efforts to establish an underpinning of well-defined processes that drive our customer’s Digital Transformations journey”.

The recognition classifies the organization into a ‘Defined’ category where the processes are well characterized and understood and executed in strict adherence to the industrial standards. This means that Impiger Technologies has satisfied the clauses of deploying the recent procedures, tools & methods in their daily operations as well as in solutions provided to the client. This will help Impiger:

  • Negate obsolete practices and invest in fresh offerings.
  • Seamlessly integrate the services and solutions with the client’s latest IT infrastructure.
  • Build up the ability to be ever-ready with new and improved services.

Post the recognition, customers can now be assured of the high-quality services & solutions that will guarantee a greater rate of interest for their procedures. Some of the other benefits that clients seem to leverage as a result are timely deliverance, cohere to current industrial guidelines & trends and improved business productivity. 

With the newly designated maturity rating, Impiger Technologies aims to unlock optimized deployment of resources in high turnaround time while ensuring no compromise in quality. 

You can learn more about us at Impiger Technologies. Drop in a message if you like what we do!

Originally appeared on PRWeb