Modernizing business operation processes for TNSand

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  • Modernizing business operation processes for TNSand

Introduction of TNSand Project

Impiger is proud over the association with TNSand Project that has been active for nearly 5 years now. This project included providing application development services, quarry management services and customer support. It is a prestigious feeling not just for the TN Government but for Impiger as well. It is a great initiative by the government as it has directly affected the livelihood of millions from the construction industry. Impiger has been a part of several government department projects for application development and support projects.

The Challenge of TNSand Project

The entire application was in a revamp phase due to a government order that instructed the department to make several changes. These changes were in place to ensure the public benefited maximum from the sand sales. This meant the development had to begin from nothing although in a much shorter time. The project gained maximum attention as it had been announced to the public. To cope up with the growing expectations with time, Impiger had to deliver a very efficient and effective solution.

How Impiger Handled the TNSand Project

Impiger faced the obstacles of shorter turnaround time with 0% quality defects by quickly setting up a war room in Coimbatore. The department was keen on obtaining security audit certification within the expected completion. So, the PMO and QMS teams worked in parallel with an external audit team to obtain the certificate. After all this, the certificate was successfully obtained. The challenges were still not done yet. When the application was close to completion, the department also informed that an integration was needed between the TNSand application and the eSEWA application. A dedicated team was provided to handle the integration, ensuring that the existing development did not get affected. After a week of interactions with the eSEWA team, the integration was implemented seamlessly.

The Results

Impiger could successfully deliver the project right on time meeting all the expectations and standards. The solution implemented was another achievement with remarkable appreciation.






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