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This project is for the office of the prime minister of Uganda. Multiple projects have been implemented under Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF) and the broader Peace, Recovery, and Development Programme (PRDP3) framework. The implementation of the project is mainstreamed into the existing government structures at national and local government levels in 55 districts distributed across the 8 sub-regions.

The Story of Office of the Prime Minister

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) had issues with trackability, and accountability of the funds released for various schemes through the world bank at national and local levels. Experiences indicated that substantial resources and much of the project implementation time went into data generation and collection, yet the documentation, data consolidation, analysis, and reporting remained wanting and challenging.

To improve transparency and accountability, the OPM (Office of the Prime Minister) reached out to Impiger. They wanted Impiger to provide institutional support to implement the project and help to develop the social protection system with a biometric-based Management Information System (MIS).

The Challenge of effective Project Management before Using MIS

With numerous funding schemes and growing social demands amongst the public, OPM found it challenging to ensure that the funding schemes reached the appropriate people. The vulnerable households continued to suffer post the funding schemes implementation. A gap existed in the visibility and follow-up between the OPM and stakeholders. There were also fraudulent practices carried out to own the money through various fake claims like Ghost beneficiaries and bogus payments.

They wanted effective follow-up and tracking mechanisms to ensure the aid reached the appropriate people. They also wanted a solution to verify the individual’s identity to ensure that the right person avails themselves of the benefits offered through the scheme

Why OPM Chose Impiger’s MIS

OPM’s requisite was only partially fulfilled by readily available solutions in the market. They wanted the help of Impiger to build a system that could help them with a biometric application that would function as a part of the Management Information System (MIS). They also wanted to develop a module within the system for capturing and consolidating monthly reporting on the statement of expenditure of operations funds issued to each district.

How OPM Used Impiger’s MIS

The MIS designed by Impiger was customized with a real-time biometric-based payment mechanism system for beneficiaries that tracked the execution of work and receipt of funds under the respective schemes. The system served as a one-stop center for all the project information needs by ensuring availability, accuracy, completeness, validity, timeliness, and easy access to project data to stakeholders wherever and whenever needed. Role-based access control and workflow were defined to help with the approval process for certain activities. Fund disbursement and tracking were also streamlined.

The Results

With the MIS implementation in place, OPM could efficiently manage the project, disburse fund allocation schemes, and follow them till they reach the end beneficiaries across boundaries. This way the project was implemented on time as expected. The OPM also validated the receipt of money through the Bio-Metric-enabled e-pay system.

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