Why Mobile Apps Are Imperative for Small Business to Maximize Productivity?
Anand Kannan

Mobile-friendly websites will no longer' serve the purpose for small businesses. To stay competitive in the market and to connect with customers on-the-go, mobile applications are imperative. Unfortunately, 60-70% of small business owners fail to tap on the underlying potential benefits of mobile applications.

Mobile apps aren't solely developed for top brands and large enterprises. Even small businesses can utilize the latest advancement to transform their business needs and make it to the next level. Most small enterprises fear investing in mobile apps for their businesses due to lack of expertise, resources or budget.

Anand Kannan

The objective of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines is to provide equal opportunity for physically limited individuals to access the same services, goods seamlessly through any website alike others without any hardship.

ADA focuses on fostering website owners with a defined set of rules, guidelines and best practices to ensure users with difficulties in hearing, accessing web information seamlessly.

Here are the 5 best practices for improving the web access of individuals with physical limitations.

ADA Violations for Websites Matter.

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A major problem affecting the bottom-line of 70-80% of businesses of any size is managing the workflow. No denying the fact that the complete process is complicated, yet managing the process is critical as little or no control over the workflow can tear down the performance staggeringly.

Workflow links multiple processes performed by different teams and departments, and this makes it even more complicated.

Why workflow management is critical for business success?

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According to top industry research group, eMarketer, total retail sales across the globe is estimated to be $22.049 trillion for 2016 which is 6% up compared to previous year. And, this is expected to touch $27 trillion in next few years.' The research report apparently points out ecommerce industry is growing at breakneck speed and the competition is gripping.

To beat the competition and ensure profits, it is critical to set up a website that delivers to consumers' expectations. But, often most online retailers struggle to offer customers with delivering a unique, unified experience that attracts new visitors and keeps them as customers for life.

How to get started?

Sowmya Balasubramanian

As IT heads and business decision makers, you might be thinking why should you embrace mobility when your business is chugging along just right, without any need for technology.

At the same time, you might be confused as to why are the major players in your industry disrupting their own business models with some automation or technological innovation! Sounds interesting, right? If yes, you are just at the right place to get yourself convinced to take that extra step to go mobile.

Anand Kannan

Is your finance-based website accessible to everyone? If your answer is either NO or NOT SURE, it doesn't matter! Anytime you will receive a demand letter from plaintiff firms in the US.

Financial institutions offer many services through websites and they are federally regulated. According to the Attorneys, any website failing to offer equal accessibility for blind, deaf and physically limited users would be liable for hefty fines and penalties.

Some of the most common ADA related questions by financial institutions include:

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There is a common misconception that SharePoint is built only for storing and sharing documents: it's baseless. In reality it is a versatile tool that can be hammered to any shape. This is one of the reasons that has made SharePoint a runaway hit in the business arena.

The inclusion of Office 365 to SharePoint has simplified the implementation process for many organizations. But, implementations without a clear goal and lack of expert recommendations can lead to pathetic results. Utilize the 4 tips to implement SharePoint successfully for your business needs and organize workflows to accelerate growth.


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Despite the availability of several enterprise content management systems today, only a few have managed to improve business needs by balancing complexity and functionality. And, Sitecore tops the list with its out-of-the-box features and benefits!

Sitecore is an award-winning enterprise management system that has already powered 32,000 websites, with more to come. The unparalleled ease of use, flexibility, enterprise-specific features of the platform has forced enterprises to invest in the leading WCMS that has the ability to innovate, deliver and accelerate growth.


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Delivering marketing messages to your digital audience is a complex task. Sitecore has made this task easier and with its Experience Platform performing personalized marketing activities is absolutely seamless.

Getting to know the visitors is the only way to improve customer engagement and interactions.

Before getting started with how to leverage the Experience Platform for personalizing the website, let's throw light on web personalization.

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There is a steep increase in the number of banks receiving demand letters from Plaintiff firms for website violations under The American with Disabilities Act (Title III). The allegations are that their websites comprise accessibility barriers, lack of functionality to keyboard access, text re-sizes etc.

Banking is a critical service catering to millions of people throughout USA. So, it is a must to discover the common areas of ADA violations for users with disabilities.

Since December 2016, the allegations against banking institutions have increased to a whopping percentage of 60% and it may further increase in the near future.