Anand Kannan
Gartner predicts that by 2020, $1 trillion or more may be spent on Cloud technology. From the report
Digital Transformation in Retail
Anand Kannan
With online customers hooked to digital innovation like real-time personalization, recommendations,
Anand Kannan
The healthcare industry is evolving fast and the trend is all set to continue at least for several y
Anand Kannan
Marketing Technology, or Martech, as it is called, is evolving fast and companies that have realized
Anand Kannan
The evolution of advanced technology has started to impact the manufacturing process and supply chai
5 Ways Retailers Can Benefit
Arun Kumar
A majority of the retailers engage in direct mail through physical catalogues. Even though this is o
ADA Lawsuits Against Educational Institution
Anand Kannan
Of late, websites of educational institutions are under the radar of ADA lawsuit and increase in the
Salespeople Issues Organizations Always Have
Neha Surana
When it comes to 'business expansion,' there is always a new territory coverage along with the acqui