CIO Klub - Mar 7, 2020
Shefali Mathur

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Impiger helped Fenner India, a premier mechanical power transmission engineering company, develop a mobile cataloging app (iOS and Android) for their customers in the U.S. The app will help users identify Fenner’s vast variety of transmission belts with respect to customer’s vehicle manufacturer, model, and application area.

Back to Work Solution

In the wake of CoVID-19, Impiger Technologies recently released a unique return-to-work mobile and web solution - People1 Care- that would enable organizations to make a smooth transition to their workplace post the lifting of restrictions. The solution was developed to help business owners assure the safety of the employees who will be returning to work post the COVID-19 hiatus. 

People1 Care will assist organizations embrace the new regulations and the ‘new normal’ with the help of its features like the daily wellness screenings, social distancing support, and contact tracing at work.  

Helping a Major Energy Company Undergo Digital Transformation as they Switch from Paper Based to a Digitized Visitor Management


Impiger Technologies assisted a major energy conglomerate digitize their conventional paper-based visitor management system and make it more secure as well as easy for the stakeholders  to analyze the flow of visitors.

The Problem Statement

The client was looking for a mobile based and iPad Kiosk friendly solution that would reduce their dependence on paper while registering the visitors and save time as well as effort with the help of automation.

The Solution

Automating Tax Information Generation and Building Credible Reports


The client – one of the top professional services firm in India wanted to digitize TRS Knowledge and Solution system (a tax and regulations database) to help generate intelligent Management Information System reports (MIS).

The Need Statement

With Tax Advisory and Regulatory services as its expertise, the client wanted to automatically generate information reports from the existing document repository and also categorize them based on their respective folders. The manual effort expended for the task was tedious and prone to errors which made analysis and assessment of data difficult for the senior management.

The Solution

Enhancing a Major Manufacturer’s Performance, Usability and Scalability Using SharePoint


Impiger Technologies helped a defense and security enabler in the Middle East enhance employee engagement via communication and sharing of information with the help of an all-inclusive intranet platform.

The Need Statement

The client was looking for a centralized system with high usability and design to help employees navigate across company data and also collaborate with each other to improve overall user experience and productivity. They also wanted this solution to be compliant with the existing third-party systems.

The Solution

Helping a Century Old Global Manufacturer Overcome Communication Barriers with Digital Workspace


Impiger Technologies helped a century old manufacturer with expertise in Auto OEMs and Industrial Sectors enable one-point communication platform and empower its distributed workforce with a strong digital solution.

The Need Statement

Being a global organization, the company was looking for a comprehensive tool that will overcome low productivity and communication gaps among the stakeholder that prevailed due to a disconnected workspace in global setup. They wanted the solution to have knowledge management capability as well as reduce data & operational redundancy and delivery time, all the while ensuring scalability.

The Solution

Impiger Technologies: Celebrating 16 Years of Technical Finesse

In the blink of an eye, 16 years of Impiger Technologies just went by. Headed by the experience and expertise of Jude Ramayya and Ramakrishnamoorthy V., Impiger has traversed across milestones and tough terrains into gaining its position as one of the top digital transformation solution providers in the industry today.

People1 Care

People1 Care helps organizations manage their return-to-work processes seamlessly while ensuring employee safety and compliance to the federal guidelines.

Strategy & Consulting

“Today Digital Strategy is one of the key drivers for every successful business and our favorite part of the business too. At Impiger we love brainstorming with clients and truly defining ways our client’s see success through digital technology efforts.”