Shefali Mathur
45 Minutes

All You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

Over the past few years, businesses have been inundated with the many claims of cloud computing and how it is going to change the way businesses work. The technology is new, exciting, and certainly beneficial but there are many aspects of cloud computing businesses are still not entirely clear.

Our cloud computing webinar series is for technology and business heads in any industry curious about the workings of cloud computing and how it can benefit their business. We will be sharing how enterprises moved their IT services to the cloud with step-by-step case studies so you can gain valuable insights about the benefits of cloud computing.

Shefali Mathur
45 Minutes

In abstract terms, cloud computing for enterprises is on demand IT services over the internet. It is everything businesses already do just somewhere else and at a fraction of the cost. There are a myriad of financial and technical benefits for adopting the cloud computing. However, getting there is tricky because migrating to the cloud is not a one size fits all proposition.

The second part of our cloud computing webinar series will focus on the important questions you need to ask before ascending to the cloud. The answers to these questions will fundamentally shape your cloud strategy. It will be a blueprint to help your business leverage the cloud-advantage.


In part 2 of our 3 part webinar, our speakers will talk on the following topics:

Shefali Mathur

Join our live discussion on Cloud Migration Strategy: A Case Study featuring a leading dental care practice management solution provider ‘Practice Advantage’ to share their cloud migration journey.

During this session, our speakers will talk about how Practice Advantage migrated to the cloud and is now delivering their services to customers and how Impiger helped them with the following:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Planning
  • Decision Process
  • Design
  • Execution
  • Results

Casestudy Gear

Shefali Mathur
1 hour

Very few companies have not experienced some impact to their IT delivery due to the evolution of cloud computing. This session is not about deciding whether you should entertain moving some or all of your IT to the cloud, but rather, a detailed look under the hood to help IT professionals understand how cloud adoption has evolved and what trends will impact their plan including:

Neha Surana
1 hour

Enterprises have forever faced challenges surrounding the sharing of their intellectual property. Emerging cloud adoption has made it more compelling for enterprises to digitize their content and making them available over a wide variety of devices across the internet. The session introduces various mechanisms provided by cloud service providers today to manage and share digital content in a secure manner.


Shefali Mathur
1 Hour

Many businesses today have made the move to build a mobile focus into all of their core applications, services, products and communications. But this is just the first step in the evolution of mobile, and given the pace of change, many of these applications and services may be behind the curve when compared to cutting edge mobile services. This means that now is the time to take the next step in building mobile applications and services that leverage new technologies to provide cutting edge capabilities and features.

Things you will learn:

Shefali Mathur
1 hour

Join Impiger mobility experts as we explain how you can develop a mobile strategy that fits your specific business—without being tied to expensive solutions with the costly functionality you will never use. You’ll learn about the key benefits of integrating, customizing and deploying cutting-edge mobile capabilities across all areas of your business, including:

  • 5 most common mistakes in planning your mobile strategy
  • Use case scenarios that illustrate how mid-size companies are accelerating business transformation more efficiently and effectively with innovative mobile strategies
  • Mobile strategy insights from new Aberdeen Group research report
Shefali Mathur

Mobile & Web applications empower executives. C-level execs today are leveraging mobile & web technologies to gain insights faster, and make more informed and timely business decisions. Highly interactive enterprise applications now deliver real-time data analytics and visualizations on the go anytime, anywhere. They help businesses make smarter, data-driven decisions with mobile dashboards customized to their business priorities.

Join Impiger mobility experts to see how executive and management teams are using customized dashboards including demonstrations of several real-world examples that include:

Shefali Mathur

Mobile customer engagement is entering a new era of seamless, personalized experiences that cross multiple devices to shape expectations for mobile interactions. Join Impiger as we explore the emerging transformation of the mobile customer landscape with examples of collaborative tools for rapid development and deployment of cross-platform, personalized mobile services that include:

  • Digital m-commerce
  • Interactive catalogs
  • Proximity and location based messaging
  • Digital content personalization
Shefali Mathur

Recent studies show that there is a direct correlation between employee engagement, efficiency and the ability to easily access company information via mobile—especially among millennials. In one survey, more than 60 percent of employees said that easy access to company information directly affects job satisfaction, and half (51 percent) said they are more productive when they are able to do so through a mobile device.

Watch Impiger’s enterprise mobility experts give an overview of employee engagement solutions that will save you money and improve productivity through: