5 Ways Retailers Can Benefit

A majority of the retailers engage in direct mail through physical catalogues. Even though this is one of the most effective channels to get in front of the customer, the time, the cost, and the effort to reach out to a larger audience is high.

It gets a little complicated when you would want to reach out to a global audience. Now, this is where the concept of 'e-catalog or online catalog' comes in.

ADA Lawsuits Against Educational Institution
Anand Kannan

Of late, websites of educational institutions are under the radar of ADA lawsuit and increase in the number of lawsuits against them proves that. It's true that the topic of web accessibility issues against different industry verticals is complicated due to the delayed rules and dynamic changes imposed by the Department of Justice in US.

But, the Courts and Department of Justice (DOJ) are on the same page and have assured that website inaccessibility could lead to hefty penalties and lawsuit.

So, it's all about creating a website that offers equal access to every student accessing or consuming the services.

What ADA lawsuits mean to educational institutions?

Salespeople Issues Organizations Always Have
Neha Surana

When it comes to 'business expansion,' there is always a new territory coverage along with the acquisition of new distributors and retailers. Now, this requires more salespeople to be added. However, with expansion comes a plethora of complications and salespeople issues. Let's look at them in-depth.

6 Problems Organizations Face With Salespeople