Suraj Balakrishnan

23 focuses on developing applications that are not only innovative but also adding value to anyone using it. Latest to join the bandwagon is the event management app. Can you believe if I say Impiger's app experts developed a visitor/event management iOS app within a few days? Yes, we did! 'The app is exclusively developed for managing visitors participating in an event.

Chanakya Jayabalan

Undoubtedly Azure app services, power packed with amazing features, is extremely useful to developers. Because, it not only offers powerful web, API and mobile, and function apps but also enables you to get up and running in minutes. Besides it provides a full spectrum of fascinating features like scalability, easy authentication, offline sync (for mobile apps), hybrid connections etc.

But one of the underrated Azure app service features that most of you're not aware of/hasn't utilized is deployment slots.

Anand Kannan

Cloud offers multitude of benefits to any business, irrespective of its size. But, at the same time, there are concerns that need to be addressed too. Of the many challenges, security breach and non-compliance to standards could easily impact the efficiency, performance of the business, or even lead to regulatory fines or penalties. These challenges must be mitigated to provide a hassle-free business data accessibility from Cloud to your end users.

Anand Kannan

Virtual Reality is really taking off as it provides us with endless possibilities for every business in the world. Those companies in the VR market, leveraging the power of this next-generation technology are experiencing massive growth and sales.

A report from leading statistics portal Statista points out the virtual reality market is estimated to reach a value of 12.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2018.

Anand Kannan

A most discussed topic today by businesses and technical heads of leading organizations is moving workloads to the Cloud. It requires meticulous planning and defined approach to deciding on when or whether to migrate to this next-generation platform.

As every CEO knows deciding on migrating to the Cloud can be daunting, we've compiled 5 considerations to ease your decision on the Cloud migration without any hassle.

Anand Kannan

Most small and medium business heads realize adding technology-based solutions like the Cloud can transform their businesses. However, most SMBs don't necessarily have the right internal IT resources or expertise to utilize technology innovation to the fullest.

A significant challenge in 2016'2017 for most decision makers of SMBs considering a Cloud program is lack of expertise! According to a detailed Cloud survey from RightScale, companies are now focusing on the lack of expertise as it can decrease business performance.

Anand Kannan

The Cloud has become a hot topic for small and medium businesses (SMBs) as it offers tons of benefits and most are considering switching their businesses to the Cloud.

Forrester claims that the public Cloud services market will grow rapidly to $236 billion in 2020.

But, when considering the migration options, SMBs are bombarded with different kinds of 'as a service' offerings. Without understanding the basics of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS, planning a migration can be detrimental.

5 Ways Digital Transformation Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing Industry
Anand Kannan

A key to success for manufacturers is their ability to focus on product design, production process advancements, and customer satisfaction. However, meeting this criteria with paper-based processes impacts the bottom-line. While a few manufacturers have already started to accept the digital revolution, many hesitate as they're unaware of the benefits digital transformation solutions can add to their industry.

Presently, manufacturing companies have no other choice but to embrace the advanced digital transformation services like the Internet of things (IoT), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to stay competitive.

Anand Kannan

Gartner predicts that by 2020, $1 trillion or more may be spent on Cloud technology.

From the report, Cloud computing is widely implemented and organizations regardless of size are utilizing this robust technology to enhance value, productivity and return on IT investments.

However, understanding different types of Cloud models: Public, Private or Hybrid is recommended when it comes to selecting the best Cloud model that fits your needs.

Digital Transformation in Retail
Anand Kannan

With online customers hooked to digital innovation like real-time personalization, recommendations, loyalty programs, in-store personalization, expedited order and delivery, retailers are left with no other choice but to adopt advanced digital solutions to align with changing customer behaviors.

A digitally connected retail experience not only increases customer engagement but also employee engagement and sales. So, retailers can no longer be 'little bit digital' but 'all digital' to improve sales. So, the success in the retail industry is not dependent on product itself but the buying journey of customers.