Vistage Executive Summit, Feb 6, 2018
Neha Surana

Please stop by the Impiger booth and learn how to transform your business.

CIO Klub - CIO Association, Mar 10 - 2018
Neha Surana

We’re proud to be the platinum sponsor of the event. Please join us at stall #2.

Impiger Lunch & Learn, Mar 15 - 2018
Neha Surana

On March 15, we hosted a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session about Chatbots for customer service. The event titled - “From Hype to Reality to Required – Chatbots for Customer Service” was not just because of the number of Chatbots being implemented, but the speed by which the growth has occurred. Companies know they have to handle today’s consumer differently and they’ve realized that deploying Chatbots is one way to give customers what they want and improve customer service.

Impiger Lunch Learn, Mar 29 - 2018
Neha Surana

We had another full house for our encore ‘Lunch & Learn’ session about ‘Chatbots for Customer Service’ at our office in Richardson, Texas. We had a great group of people. There were plenty of strong use cases for Chatbots across the board and some really good discussions about when it makes sense to deploy Chatbots in an organization. Even with all the diverse requirements, one thing was for sure, as a complement to human customer service, Chatbots combined with traditional support can help provide a level of service customers are demanding.

Neha Surana

Come join us for a Brown bag lunch seminar in Richardson, Hosted by TechTitans.

Travis McCallum
30 Minutes

Patients mean everything. Dentists rely on them to come in the office for appointments to make a living. There is nothing more frustrating than having an empty operating room! So how can you keep your office filled with a steady stream of patients that call you their favorite dentist?

In this webinar you will discover how technology tools like chatbots are connecting your office with thousands of daily visitors looking to schedule appointments

Travis McCallum
Shefali Mathur

Workflow Automation is much easier than you might imagine and can help any size office improve their business processes. 62% have identified three or more major inefficiencies or bottlenecks in their business processes that could potentially be solved with effective workflow automation.

29 Million small businesses are using QuickBooks, during this webinar we will show you how to automate workflows using your implementation of Quickbooks.

In addition to automating orders and invoicing, we will explore additional opportunities for small and medium businesses to automate processes that can reduce costs, minimize resources and improve quality.

During this webinar you will learn how automation can: