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To snatch the foothold among fierce competition, retailers have no other option but to provide every piece of information their customers need instantly. Ecommerce owners are left with no choice but to find out a way for showcasing their products to online customers effectively and efficiently.

This post highlights product cataloging challenges, it's significance for ecommerce success and solution to improve sales.

Anand Kannan

According to a'Statista report,' both Android and Apple stores have more than 2.2 million apps; what do you infer from this report? Yes, mobile apps are growing at breakneck pace and it is expected to touch 3 million in the future.

Applications are no longer confined only to gaming and personal users but have extended enough to reach business customers as well.

Anand Kannan

Be it a products/services company, managing customer complaints every day is challenging. Nevertheless, dealing with infuriated customers and handling customer complaints seamlessly is critical for business success.

Well, of course, your business may be utilizing the best tools like emails, social media and web pages, spreadsheets for dealing with customer complaints, yet oftentimes most complaints are unheard due to poor issue submission mechanism and strategy.

Top challenges your customer support officer may face when using spreadsheets for complaint management are:

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23 focuses on developing applications that are not only innovative but also adding value to anyone using it. Latest to join the bandwagon is the event management app. Can you believe if I say Impiger's app experts developed a visitor/event management iOS app within a few days? Yes, we did! 'The app is exclusively developed for managing visitors participating in an event.

5 Ways Retailers Can Benefit

A majority of the retailers engage in direct mail through physical catalogues. Even though this is one of the most effective channels to get in front of the customer, the time, the cost, and the effort to reach out to a larger audience is high.

It gets a little complicated when you would want to reach out to a global audience. Now, this is where the concept of 'e-catalog or online catalog' comes in.

Salespeople Issues Organizations Always Have
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When it comes to 'business expansion,' there is always a new territory coverage along with the acquisition of new distributors and retailers. Now, this requires more salespeople to be added. However, with expansion comes a plethora of complications and salespeople issues. Let's look at them in-depth.

6 Problems Organizations Face With Salespeople