Digital Transformation: Roadmap For Growing SMBs
Dileepan Selvaraj
Real-Time Experience Personalization
Dileepan Selvaraj

Businesses underwent many changes parallel to the growth of the internet and it continues to become more customer centric in the age of smartphones. The Internet as a platform was never designed for passive use – it is built for a shared experience.

A brand that attracts a large audience that wants to seek-out, remember, and share new experiences needs mass personalization in all their engagement channels. Moreover, many high-profile companies like Google, Apple, Facebook have already planted the seeds of expectations in your users by offering a multitude of personalized services. So there is an immediate and self-evident need to enhance user experience by taking into account users’ interests, preferences, and other relevant information.

Elements Of User Experience That Boost Trust In Brands
Dileepan Selvaraj

As human beings, the need to experience agreeable phenomenon is inherent within us. The degree of the ‘experience’ will form the pivotal component in determining if we choose to appreciate, repeat a particular experience, and recommend it to others.

Designing a website that enables a user to seek-out, remember, and share new experiences are key enablers for a successful business. The analysis of metrics like website traffic, on-page time, conversion rates, and social media shares indicate how much the user trusts the brand/product which in turn is influenced by the user experience.

Building A Retail App That People Want
Dileepan Selvaraj

There are rapidly aging facts about how mobile applications have changed the shopping behaviors of customers. Mobile apps, in their current form, demand space on the most personal devices people own and use daily but an app’s significance and desirability falls across a wide spectrum.

Particularly for retail apps, attributes that describe value like better, faster, easier, cheaper, safer and so on are regularly used to paint a piecemeal picture of the intentions or more accurately, the retailers’ presumptions of why people download and use their app.

Cloud Project Management Report : Connect Teams And Data To Enhance Project ROI
Travis McCallum

The Aberdeen Group performed a detailed study on many organizations and evaluated the need for the cloud solutions for project management, and reasons influencing project ROI. The free report necessitates the significance of implementing the cloud solution for project management to enable organizations to experience more collaborative, agile and effective process, in addition to other benefits.

Access the free copy of the report with key challenges, including:

  • Need for improved resource allocation
  • Lack of ability to manage projects on an ongoing basis
  • Poor visibility to data
  • Increased costs, unhappy customers and smaller profits


Detailed Study Of The Impact Of Mobile Workflow Applications In 100 Businesses

Impiger partnering with Aberdeen, a renowned research company, after a detailed study has uncovered how mobile workflow management solutions transform the businesses of many enterprises. The report provides solid data and evidence for enterprises to adopt more efficient, agile, and effective methodology to mitigate the challenges and why companies that have leveraged the mobile access to business process management have improved their performances remarkably over the past year. To uncover the concrete data on how best-in-class companies tapped the underlying potential of mobile apps for transforming their processes, you must take a glance at the report.

Unfold Your Mobile App Success Formula
Dileepan Selvaraj

A custom mobile application can do wonders for any business. Yet, only a handful of businesses have mobile apps and even fewer use the app because of substandard development practices.

That is why we put together this comprehensive guide on how to develop enterprise mobile applications so your business can leverage mobility.

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The guide has an extensive analysis and tips on the following:

4 Critical Reasons Why Enterprises Should Go Mobile
Dileepan Selvaraj

In what appears to be the biggest change since the internet was invented, more businesses are focusing the bulk of their efforts on mobile instead of websites. As more and more tasks become commonplace on a person’s mobile device, there is a huge incentive for enterprises to leverage mobile devices with their customers but as much and even more with their own employees.

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Simple App Marketing Strategies No One Wants To Reveal


  • Name of the App, keywords and description for App Store
  • Pre-launch tips for creating buzz
  • Test marketing using Admob
  • Commenting as a strategy to draw traffic
  • Using Google alerts for social media promotion
  • Twitter strategy to build influence
  • List of article directories
  • Why listing in App directories is important
  • List of recommended PR sites
Whether you want to market an iPhone, iPad, Android or a Blackberry app, these tips help you promote apps with little investment.


Mobile Analytics Delivering Business Dashboards – On The Go

Impiger’s BI Dashboard solution enables data visualization by quickly creating – not just retrieve – reports & share strategic enterprise insights on your mobile device, ensuring you have the latest information to make real time informed decisions.

Designed to help you Go Mobile with easy to use managed features in representing data the way you want.