Travis McCallum
30 Minutes

Patients mean everything. Dentists rely on them to come in the office for appointments to make a living. There is nothing more frustrating than having an empty operating room! So how can you keep your office filled with a steady stream of patients that call you their favorite dentist?

In this webinar you will discover how technology tools like chatbots are connecting your office with thousands of daily visitors looking to schedule appointments

Travis McCallum
Shefali Mathur

Workflow Automation is much easier than you might imagine and can help any size office improve their business processes. 62% have identified three or more major inefficiencies or bottlenecks in their business processes that could potentially be solved with effective workflow automation.

29 Million small businesses are using QuickBooks, during this webinar we will show you how to automate workflows using your implementation of Quickbooks.

In addition to automating orders and invoicing, we will explore additional opportunities for small and medium businesses to automate processes that can reduce costs, minimize resources and improve quality.

During this webinar you will learn how automation can:

Shefali Mathur

There are 4.1 billion users on messaging apps, including your employees, it’s time to tap into that to improve employee engagement. Interesting results from the 2018 State of Employee Engagement Report published by

Shefali Mathur

Mobile & Web applications empower executives. C-level execs today are leveraging mobile & web technologies to gain insights faster, and make more informed and timely business decisions. Highly interactive enterprise applications now deliver real-time data analytics and visualizations on the go anytime, anywhere. They help businesses make smarter, data-driven decisions with mobile dashboards customized to their business priorities.

Join Impiger mobility experts to see how executive and management teams are using customized dashboards including demonstrations of several real-world examples that include:

Shefali Mathur

Mobile customer engagement is entering a new era of seamless, personalized experiences that cross multiple devices to shape expectations for mobile interactions. Join Impiger as we explore the emerging transformation of the mobile customer landscape with examples of collaborative tools for rapid development and deployment of cross-platform, personalized mobile services that include:

  • Digital m-commerce
  • Interactive catalogs
  • Proximity and location based messaging
  • Digital content personalization
Shefali Mathur

Recent studies show that there is a direct correlation between employee engagement, efficiency and the ability to easily access company information via mobile—especially among millennials. In one survey, more than 60 percent of employees said that easy access to company information directly affects job satisfaction, and half (51 percent) said they are more productive when they are able to do so through a mobile device.

Watch Impiger’s enterprise mobility experts give an overview of employee engagement solutions that will save you money and improve productivity through:

Shefali Mathur

Automation can reduce the amount of time, the number of resources, and improve accuracy and quality of business and operational processes. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) replaces the human, manually intensive, paper-based and spreadsheet-driven processes with mobile and web applications. From this webinar, you can learn how other businesses across multiple industries have lowered costs, reduced resources, improved quality and customer satisfaction by automating a multitude of processes.

If you have any of these challenges, this webinar can help you: