azure search
Makesh Kumar
When you decide to move your enterprise application to the cloud or change your cloud service provid
Customer Engagement from the Very First Date!
Peter Di Stefano
I thought it would be good to share my thoughts on engaging with potential customers as we start the
automation testing
Arun Karthik Shanmugasundaram
Of late, I got into a backbreaking situation, a familiar situation in most of my Android testing pro
George Cowgill
When we look at the multi-unit restaurant industry, two things stand out - margins are tighter than
robotic process automation
Ritwik Bose
There is nothing Sci-Fi about RPA, we aren't invaded by a neural net-based conscious group mind, and
Anand Kannan
The robotics revolution is over the horizon as industries across different verticals have started to
Vivek Kanna
  What is UI Automator During Android application testing, I explored cross-app functional UI tes
Ganeshkanna Subramanian
At Impiger, we drill ourselves to focus on our commitment to quality of the applications we develop
chatbots for marketing
Anand Kannan
Many presume chatbots just stop with customer support; in the real-world they go even beyond that. Y
talking on labour
Anand Kannan
The Finance and Accounting industry involves a plethora of transactional processes that are mundane,