Effective streamlining and coverage of business process for an Insurance provider
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This project is for one of the leading insurance service providers in the country.

The Story of the Client

The client had been following a tedious manual procedure of downloading broker statements from various portals by logging in multiple times a day. Once the downloaded statement was available, another team worked on data scrubbing to receive the required data manually. This process was time-consuming and ate up a lot of man-hours. This task was a repetitive one that happened multiple times a day.

The client wanted to automate the process with the help of robotic intervention to reduce the effort put in by the laborers on repeated tasks.

The Challenge of the manual process before using RPA

With numerous broker data available regarding insurers, the organization had to get their team to work on repeated manual data extraction and scrubbing activity day in and day out. Various groups coordinated and worked together to get the expected data in the desired format. The work necessitated working on multiple folders multiple times. This effort costs nearly 6 hours daily, an enormous number to consider.

Why the Client Chose Impiger’s RPA services

RPA was suggested by Impiger to get their manual task automated for two reasons. One, to get the work done efficiently in a shorter turnaround time, and two, to get reliable data and eliminate human errors and redundancies. Impiger designed its efficient, quick processing system to help the organization automate processes.

How the client used Impiger’s RPA services

Impiger designed a two-step process with the RPA system to address the client’s automation needs. As a first step, an automation bot was intended to extract documents by downloading from the portal in .doc and .csv format. This bot would then invoke a unique customized application to perform data scrubbing. The final output is then shared with the in-house core application for audit. This way, the client could utilize the RPA to get their data extraction and scrubbing automated quickly. By doing so, the time was cut to a bare minimum of 1 hour for the entire process to complete compared to 6 hours of manual work.

The Results

With the RPA in place, the client could easily reap multiple benefits from quicker TAT to efficient and reliable data extraction and scrubbing. Many man-hours were saved, thereby enabling employees to invest in quality time on different tasks rather than spending on repetitive tasks.

Standard benefits:
Emotional benefits:

If you have many processes that consume a lot of your employee’s man hours or would like to automate repetitive and redundant tasks, then contact us to have a custom RPA explicitly built for you. Reach out to us to have a demo of our varied solutions to enable you to make the right selection for your specific need.