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The client is a Big Four firm that offers professional services including accounting, auditing, human resources consulting, and strategy management. They are spread across 152 countries with around 300000+ workforce employed in the organization. Headquartered in New York, they operate with world-class standards

The Story of the Client

The client, being a technology company operating on a large scale, found it difficult to carry out operations and processes using a legacy system. It is not an easy task to manage or maintain data and information’s at such large organizations. Employee engagement needed to be prioritized. But that did not happen as efficiently as expected because of the substantial number they had to handle.

The Challenge of event creation before PowerApps Implementation

The team was not able to gather all the details related to event management in one place. People had no idea who was handling what and when related to event management. Managing and creating events itself was a task. There was confusion every passing day because various functions organized their department-specific events simultaneously. They also found it difficult to allocate tasks to people and assign responsibilities. They lacked a traceability mechanism in the existing system in which people outside of the organizing committee had no idea about who worked what and how.

Why the Client Chose Impiger

The client chose to have their event management related troubles addressed by Impiger for three important reasons. One, the client was aware of Impiger’s decades of expertise in the application development area. They have already benefited from the services of Impiger and were confident of vesting an extra task. Two, they wanted to have the issue addressed and delivered as soon as possible, which Impiger is efficient to deliver on time as planned. Three, they wanted the solution to be handled responsibly end to end without their interference and guidance.

How the client benefitted from Impiger’s Service

Based on the client’s requirement, Impiger recommended they utilize the potential of power apps to build their event management tool. The event management tool could give out key details about all published events, including event name, venue, timing, session schedule, members participating, etc., The designed solution was collaborative, and users felt familiar with the UI making it easy to use and understand. The event administrators across functions could easily host events simultaneously for their respective departments. The tool could also be easily scaled without having to worry about infrastructure.

The Results

With the event management implementation using power apps, the client could easily integrate the tool into the environment without any trouble. They were also able to scale and securely use the app based on the requirement. Since the app is collaborative, it could be used by management, finance, admin, facilities, or reporting team simultaneously

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Emotional benefits:

Power Apps can be used to help automate or carry out business functions in various scenarios. Reach out to us for any queries or requirements related to Power Apps or low-code platforms, and we would be glad to guide you in every possible way.