Legacy Modernization

Fast-tracking the lanes for efficient mobility for an automotive manufacturer
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The client is a leading automotive truck manufacturer. The company offers a range of ultra-modern trucks in all weight categories. All vehicles are produced locally, with components and parts sourced from Indian suppliers.

The Story of the Client

As the client is from a manufacturing background, they have lots of equipment parts to be outsourced from multiple places to get the raw materials ready for manufacturing trucks. This data was all haywire as the entire data was managed and maintained manually. The client wanted to modernize their existing legacy system.

The Challenge before using Impiger’s solution

The organization needed help scaling the existing legacy system. With growing demands came the need to expand the business and scale the system. The existing system was laborious and consumed a lot of time.

Why the client chose Impiger’s solution

The client chose to have their system modernized and automated to work efficiently. They also looked for optimizing the tasks and reducing the burden on their employees. Impiger helped the client with web tech re-engineering to keep pace with the latest trend and build a base for future technology adaptation.

How the client used the solution

The client could function effectively and efficiently, thereby maximizing the manufacturing numbers. They were able to better allocate time and tasks for their laborers. The system also managed and maintained data in an easily retrievable format, thereby making it easy to access and interpret.

The Results

With the modernized system in place, the client could save back on time, human efforts and cost. The system was easily deployed into the existing system with minor tweaks and improvement. The results were visible within a short span of the integration of the system.

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