Impiger Technologies: Celebrating 16 Years of Technical Finesse

In the blink of an eye, 16 years of Impiger Technologies just went by. Headed by the experience and expertise of Jude Ramayya and Ramakrishnamoorthy V., Impiger has traversed across milestones and tough terrains into gaining its position as one of the top digital transformation solution providers in the industry today.

As they say, an organization is its people and when it comes to Impiger, its people, the Impigerians are the driving force. It is their diligence and innate ability to harness their energy for productivity is what sets the factor apart. They are also students for life and are enthusiastic participants in office learning programs like Hackathons, Tech Talks and the Corporate Cricket team – demonstrating their team spirit.

Like a sand dune, the Impiger Journey too is full of ups and downs, however, we refuse to sink in. In fact, the recent pandemic- the one which caused an upheaval in the global economy and business, Impiger Technologies managed to rise above the challenge and we owe our gratitude to the Impigerians and our customers who believed in us and stood by us. Not did we manage the situation but thrived as well!

In fact, our #Here2Help initiative helped SMBs override the setbacks of the Covid-19 restrictions by offering free trials of some of our solutions. Now, as the businesses are opening up, we are also helping them get their footing back with respect to new Covid related regulations and employee safety with a novel Back-to-Work solution – People1 Care.

Carrying the stakes of diligence, Impiger Technologies has helped industries such as Logistics and Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Professional Services, and Startups to name a few, transcend into the new digital era by deploying technical development.

Our innate ability to live and breathe technology has helped us achieve several milestones, the most recent is the bestowment of one among the 5000 fastest-growing American companies by for the fifth consecutive year, partnering up with UiPath, and receiving the Level 3 accreditation by CMMI. Our legacy will continue in times to come as we take strides towards betterment and bring in a collective growth for all stakeholders. In order to encompass all this growth and new workforce, Impiger also opened a new age office space with an exuberant environment and fitted with the latest amenities.

Impiger Technologies has joined forces with technology giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Oracle, Atlassian Jira, and Sitecore. Today, with learning and a creative soul, Impiger has demonstrated its grit in the specialized domain in Telecom (the first Impigerian adventure), and later forayed into emerging and need-of-the-hour technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Robotic Process Automation, as well.

Impiger is far from crossing the finishing line. The race is on, and we are constantly innovating and offering path breaking solutions where our 450 strong workforce is always bringing something new to the table. It has been 16 years and yet it feels like we just started! To new innovations, new challenges and growth in the future!

About Impiger Technologies

Impiger Technologies has been delighting enterprise customers with high-quality software solutions and services with an industry-leading customer retention rate for more than 19 years. Impiger has been empowering and transforming businesses across industries through its state-of-the-art digital transformation initiatives operating consistently as a trusted, responsive and high-quality partner to its customers across the globe. With offices in India, Singapore, UAE, Uganda & USA, Impiger Technologies is headquartered in Chennai, India.

For any media inquiries reach out to marcomm[at]impigertech[dot]com