Impiger lunch seminar On AI Chatbots For Customer Service – 15th Mar 2018

On March 15, we hosted a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session about Chatbots for customer service. The event titled – “From Hype
to Reality to Required – Chatbots for Customer Service” was not just because of the number of Chatbots being
implemented, but the speed by which the growth has occurred. Companies know they have to handle today’s consumer
differently and they’ve realized that deploying Chatbots is one way to give customers what they want and improve
customer service.

During the very candid session, there was an interaction between the attendees. Our goal was to educate, show real
examples, and help the attendees envision how Chatbots could help improve customer service in their company. We
talked quite a bit about what a Chatbot can and can’t do. There has been much discussion about the impact Chatbots
can have on jobs. But, it is clear that Chatbots in combination with a human customer service team can together
deliver a better customer experience, without jeopardizing jobs. If anything, they can help customer service agents
engage in more interesting requests and more value-add responses to customers, while Chatbots can provide instant
answers to many questions that customers want immediate answers to.

Watch our on-demand webinar on “AI Chatbots for Customer Service”

If implemented correctly it is a Win-Win-Win. A win for customers and their service experience, A win for customer
service agents, and A win for the company from a cost perspective and a customer service perspective. The event went
well, and due to popular demand, we have organized another ‘Lunch and Learn’ session about AI Chatbots on 29th March
2018 at Richardson, TX.

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