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Serviere - The Centralized complaint management system to handle tickets without hassle.

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    Our Innovative Serviere - Complaint management service

    The success of thriving businesses is dependent on effectively resolving client complaints. Our approach eliminates silos, enhances two-way communication, and streamlines the service request procedure.


    We assist organizations in reimagining the future of customer service through our single, centralized portal, designed for usability and accessibility and offers enterprises a wide range of advantages. With the help of Impiger’s complaint management system, equip your agents and service managers to collect, monitor, analyze, and instantly address customer inquiries. And automatically assigned to the appropriate service engineer based on the problem or region, notifying them promptly with auto-escalations based on SLAs. Moreover, our technology enables the consumer to monitor the status of the complaint at any time.

    Our key Features

    Sort complaints according to factors like usability, and response time to speed up resolution.

    Allow agents the ability to monitor and collect general input to find issues.

    collect and combine comments for useful insights from various outlets.

    Allow agents the ability to quickly address demands depending on their seriousness

    Automated ticket alerts will inform agents and clients so they can respond more quickly.

    Utilize data from a consolidated dashboard to acquire useful insights.

    Track the lifespan of a quote as it is sent through various phases.

    Exploit the geographic coordinates of your consumers to collect data.


    • Each ticket is tracked, handled, and managed by a single console.
    • Key stakeholders have total transparency throughout the process.
    • Quick ticket assignments for quick resolutions.
    • accurate real-time data to assist in decision-making.
    • prompt replies that increase client satisfaction.

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