As human beings, the need to experience agreeable phenomenon is inherent within us. The degree of the ‘experience’ will form the pivotal component in determining if we choose to appreciate, repeat a particular experience, and recommend it to others.

Designing a website that enables a user to seek-out, remember, and share new experiences are key enablers for a successful business. The analysis of metrics like website traffic, on-page time, conversion rates, and social media shares indicate how much the user trusts the brand/product which in turn is influenced by the user experience.

This paper aims to elucidate on the different elements of web design that makes for a good user experience and thereby boosting the sub-conscious trust in brands.

Things you can learn from the detailed research study include:

  • Usability vs. user experience
  • The relationship between trust and user experience
  • 17 Elements of trust and distrust on websites
  • Recommendations on improving user experience