Webinar: Decoding Role of Automation in Digital Transformation

 13 May 2020    11 AM CST


Digital competency is essential for businesses to survive in today’s age. Organizations with legacy systems, siloed processes and heavy reliance on manual processes limit their growth potential.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence technology can help organizations gain a digital edge and the capability to create a digital workforce that can weed out inefficiencies and have a process-driven operational structure.

Impiger Technologies can help decode the role of automation in digital transformation for you.

How Will This Webinar Help?

Impiger Technologies has helped organizations simplify their invoice automation, payroll processing, data management and much more. A certified team of RPA architects apply automation across enterprise process and will impart similar knowledge via this webinar to help your organization gain digital coalition.

With the help of this webinar, you will learn about how RPA can enhance and simplify your digital transformation process.


  • Integrating automation in your daily operations to strengthen your organization’s digital adaptation. 
  • Improving productivity by cutting down on mundane tasks and disruptions. 
  • Enhancing efficiency by reducing the work-cycle time as well as maintaining accuracy with the help of RPA bots.
  • How you can achieve high ROI by adopting the automation technique in your digital transformation agenda. 



Register to the webinar and lead your team through an automation infused digital transformation.