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Understanding Mobile Intranet Workflow

An intranet is one of the efficient technologies developed to improve the communication between employees that has often been regarded as the golden nugget for employee productivity. However, a mobile intranet workflow goes a step ahead in ensuring that tasks, announcements and many other features relevant to the workforce and is always available during at their fingertips. This ensures a

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4 Workflow Automation Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Must Know Before Implementation

4 Workflow Automation Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Must Know Before Implementation Implementing workflow automation isn’t easy and can’t be taken lightly. Planning is critical for ascertaining a smooth workflow automation from start to finish. To implement a workflow automation successfully, entrepreneurs must get to know the 4 critical mistakes and avoid them. Why workflow automation is critical? Before diving deep into
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How Workflow Automation Expedites Manufacturing Process Efficiency and Growth?

Success of manufacturing industry is heavily dependent on quality and process efficiency. Automating process workflows reduces manual processes, ensuring enriched quality and productive operations management.


5 Mobile and Workflow Solutions to Automate Complex Logistics Process

Logistics industry contributes a lot to the economic growth of any country. The ever-growing industry involves a mammoth movement of people, goods, transportation utilities on a day-to-day basis. Performing such huge processes manually and managing the workflows can be a nightmare to any logistics company as it can hit the bottom-line hard.


3 Tips for Delivering Maximum Productivity with Workflow Automation Solutions

To beat the competitors and stay ahead in the business arena, enterprises should practice only processes that improves efficiency, preserve resources and supercharge profit.


3 Smart Ways to Improve Workplace Time Management

How often have you seen your employees stressed out with extensive workloads? The term workload mayn’t necessarily be a multi-hour task; even locating a file and waiting for a response through email at critical times can add formidable pressure on the employees.

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