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5 Advantages of Offering Personalized Web Content to Your Visitors

Having a business website is a great idea but generating revenue out of the same mayn’t be that easy. For those who believe in making minor changes in the website designs can improve revenue, the result could be the exact opposite.


Sitecore Web Personalization: How to Get Started, Personalize, and Boost Conversions?

90% of marketers apparently know that personalized and relevant approach is the ideal way to meet customer expectations. But, in real-time focusing on customers fully and collecting their data for personalization requires substantial efforts, and in the process, they might fail to reach the business objectives and convert visitors to customers.


Why Web Personalization with Sitecore?

Web personalization and buzz going on around. The online world is aggressively growing and evolving constantly. The latest advancement in web space to reach out more customers quickly and efficiently is the rules-based, adaptive, historical, journey-based personalization techniques. Yet many companies are still focusing on showing the same content to users, forcing them to exit the site instantly leading to

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