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Expert Advice and Key Takeaways for Making Your Website ADA Compliant [Infographic]

For businesses that still believe the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is only for physical places, here is the big breaking news: ADA compliance applies to the digital world too! The act is no longer an option but a must now and only organizations complying to the WCAG 2.0/2.1 guidelines can avoid potential law threats/penalties in hundreds of thousands of

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[Infographic] Is Your Bank Website ADA Compliant? If Not, Get Ready for Lawsuit!

[Infographic] Is Your Bank Website ADA Compliant? If Not, Get Ready for Lawsuit! For online users in the US, accessing bank services/products is seamless and simple. But for visitors with physical limitations, it can be cumbersome and hard. Well, while they can access the websites using external software, things could still be challenging as most of the banking websites are
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ADA Compliance: Is Your Website Built for Everyone? If Not, Transform Now to Avoid Fines!

If you’re unaware of the ADA regulations exclusively introduced for the benefits of physically limited users, then presume for a costly lawsuit. While for many accessing the website is second nature, for those with physical limitations it throws a lot of challenges. They often confront challenges in accessing the tools, services of websites.

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