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Sitecore Personalization with Impiger: Steps to Create a Custom Conditional Rendering Rule

Sitecore is an amazing platform offering plethora of benefits to businesses, vendors, end users. The robust platform provides enterprises with some amazing options that no other platforms offer. Customization and personalization are two distinct advantages that isolate Sitecore from other content management systems. Here in this post we will explain how we created a custom conditional rendering rule for a

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Why Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) Can Revolutionize the Future of Digital Marketing?

RFThe xDB (Experience Database) is the backbone of Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) empowering marketers to create optimized experience. This database is the key component of XP that collects, archives complete personalization data of customers interacting with your website.


Long-Term Customer Engagement: Demystifying Secrets of Sitecore Marketing

To build a robust website that delivers and converts, it is critical to focus on creating a personalized user experience for every user. Simply put, it is converting visitors to users and then to long-term potential customers through continuous engagement.


How to Create Next-Generation Web Experience to Customers? Challenges and Solutions

Creating a new web presence addressing the specific needs of users is tough and requires massive efforts. But, the technology advancement has paved the way for generating unmatched and personalized user experiences for customers.


Why Web Personalization with Sitecore?

Web personalization and buzz going on around. The online world is aggressively growing and evolving constantly. The latest advancement in web space to reach out more customers quickly and efficiently is the rules-based, adaptive, historical, journey-based personalization techniques. Yet many companies are still focusing on showing the same content to users, forcing them to exit the site instantly leading to

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Sitecore for Your Business: Grow your business with personalized and targeted content

70–80% of marketers recommend Sitecore for business campaigns because personalized customer connection is no longer an option, but a necessity. Setting up software for customer-specific data and preferences isn’t a long-term solution. Analyzing user behavior, actions, preferences through a centralized platform and providing with what they have come for is the right solution to retain and enhance customers base for

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