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SharePoint On Premises vs SharePoint Online: The Right Way For Enterprises [Infographic]

SharePoint is a Microsoft Windows server-based collaborative platform, Launched in 2001. Organizations use SharePoint to store, organize, share, and access their information from any device. There are two ways to deploy SharePoint – online and on-premises. This is not to forget that enterprises can always choose to combine online and on-premises SharePoint into a ‘Hybrid’. The following infographic covers the
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4 Successful SharePoint Implementation Tips that Improves Business Growth and ROI

There is a common misconception that SharePoint is built only for storing and sharing documents: it’s baseless. In reality it is a versatile tool that can be hammered to any shape. This is one of the reasons that has made SharePoint a runaway hit in the business arena.


11 Reasons Why SharePoint Can Accelerate Your Business Efficiency and Growth

Microsoft’s SharePoint platform is garnering the attention of top businesses across different verticals for 2 good reasons: (1) you can build your website and web-based apps quickly, and (2) you can enhance productivity and drive efficiency remarkably. To realize the underlying potential of the wonder platform, it is critical to discover the challenges and need for SharePoint platform and solutions.


6 C’s of Business Critical SharePoint That Can Improve ROI

With a tally of over 70% search inquiries made in the Gartner research portal, no other software comes close in increasing the productivity of an organization than Microsoft SharePoint. Being seamlessly co-ordinated is one of the defining features that separates an ordinary company from the big boys on Fortune magazine’s prestigious list and unsurprisingly, 75% of all the companies on

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