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5 Tips to Hiring a Mobile App Developer for Your Critical Business Needs [Infographic]

To plan and implement a mobile application that best suits your critical business needs, discovering and hiring a right mobile app development company with skilled developers is a must.


3 Critical Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App for Soaring Growth

If you’ve analyzed the success rates of leading restaurants you’d be surprised to see 3 things in common: they attract, engage and manage customers effectively. How do they bridge the gap between customers and business? What top restaurant heads/managers do differently to stay ahead? If these are questions creating headaches for your restaurant’s CEO or business managers, then this post

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Impiger Technologies Delivers: Over and Over and Over Again

It’s tough to maintain a top-of-the-market rating in the crowded cloud space, but we’re proud to say that this is exactly what Impiger Technologies has done. Since we launched in 2004, we’ve been specializing in mobile application development, cloud and web applications. We’ve delivered more than 250 mobile applications and more than 150 web applications during that time; we’ve also maintained a 90 percent

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