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How will Everyday Life Look Like with Internet of Things

In 1990, a man named John Romkey and his friend, Simon Hackett modified a toaster that can be controlled over the internet to win a bet. This is what many believe was the very first ‘Internet of Things’ device.


Addressing Modern Manufacturing Problems with IoT

The evolution of advanced technology has started to impact the manufacturing process and supply chain. This is marked as the beginning of a new era by industry leaders. The fourth industrial revolution is almost here and a new wave of technologies like IoT, AI, RPA has started to shift the mission-critical processes of manufacturing, helping in supercharging the production efficiency

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The Importance of IoT Solution for Oil and Gas Industry

The evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the world and companies adopting this technology are delivering better performance.  Recent to join the bandwagon is the oil and gas companies.


3 Ways Internet of Things Will Transform and Influence Your Business 

3 Ways Internet of Things Will Transform and Influence Your Business The Internet of Things (IoT) is evolving fast and likely to stay here forever. A lot has been hyped over the past 3 years, and finally IoT has taken off to a flying start. According to Gartner, number of interconnected devices consumed across the globe will skyrocket to 20.8
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4 Enterprise Mobility Insights to Unleash Productivity in 2017

Enterprises adopting mobility has increased 4x in 2016, says industry-leading research reports across the world. Further they added, expecting a huge surge in the percentage of enterprises embracing mobility as part of their enterprise strategy.

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