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Cloud Challenges and Considerations for SMBs

Cloud Challenges and Considerations for SMBs Most small and medium business heads realize adding technology-based solutions like the Cloud can transform their businesses. However, most SMBs don't necessarily have the right internal IT resources or expertise to utilize technology innovation to the fullest. A significant challenge in 2016–2017 for most decision makers of SMBs considering a Cloud program is lack
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5 Considerations for Small and Mid-Size Businesses Planning for Cloud Migration

A most discussed topic today by businesses and technical heads of leading organizations is moving workloads to the Cloud. It requires meticulous planning and defined approach to deciding on when or whether to migrate to this next-generation platform.


5 Considerations for Small and Mid-Size Businesses When Deciding to Go or Not to Go Cloud

Small and medium size businesses (SMBs) have started to adopt Cloud-based solutions for meeting their day-to-day unique needs: the reason being lower costs, simplified data management and anytime, anywhere access. Nevertheless, implementing a Cloud solution can be tricky compared to planning the same. It requires meticulous planning, strategy and right partner to go Cloud successfully.


5 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Legacy Applications To The Cloud

The digital gold rush to take old and outdated legacy applications to the cloud has propped up many pitfalls of organizations trying to make the transition. The numerous advantages offered by cloud computing is a temptation organization can’t afford to ignore. In a scurry to adopt the new technology, over 70% of organizations had to change their adoption design in

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