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AI for Customer Service: Comprehensive Guide with 6 Practical Use Cases

Customer service is the heart of every business; yet, not a super easy task to be accomplished. Most companies employ an army of executives to meet the customers’ requests to retain with their brands. Still, it becomes an arduous task to stay tuned with customers 24/7; as a result, leaves a few customers outraged, leading to business downturns.


Chatbots for Marketing – Customer Engagement & Demand Generation[Infographic]

Marketing is ever evolving and digital marketers have to sweat it out when it comes to demand generation. Accessing customers’ data from different touch points across multiple platforms is never easy and requires massive efforts. However, the arrival of Artificial Intelligence and chatbots have transformed the marketing landscape. Presently, marketers have started to use chatbots for studying the buyer’s journey,

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AI Chatbots – Engage Disengaged Employees for Supercharged Productivity, ROI

Engaging disengaged employees is critical for a business’ success and growth. Disengaged employees are not only less productive but also a huge threat to the growth of the business itself.


Transforming Customer Service with AI-Powered Chatbots

A personalized and 24/7 customer service really matters and businesses across different industry verticals have started to realize this. Automation is topping the charts of most customer-centric companies; programs, tools, and technology related to this are echoing all over.  


Create a Personalized Banking Experience for Your Customers with AI-Powered Chatbots

The banking industry is one of the most conservative and competitive, yet widely used industries. It involves massive customer interactions, transactions and documentation; the cost to serve customers and their satisfaction are the top concerns this industry faces.


Benefits of Taking Over Digital Marketing with AI Chatbots

Many presume chatbots just stop with customer support; in the real-world they go even beyond that. Yes, AI-powered chatbots added to your marketing strategies can help your marketing team study, analyze and push your prospects to the sales funnel with ease. Not just that, by entertaining with customers with follow-up insights based on their preferences, they can even turn customers

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