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10 Best Practices for Building Conversational Chatbots

Chatbots are all the rage today, thanks to the unparalleled customer engagement they deliver. Businesses utilizing this digital innovation are growing at breakneck speed. The most fascinating aspect of a chatbot is the engagement created with users through smart and lively conversations.


The Immediate Future of Artificial Intelligence

Computing is undergoing the most remarkable transformation since the advent of the internet – the forefront of which is currently Artificial Intelligence. Moore’s law has been proven true for the last 50 years and the technology is getting closer and closer to reaching human-level cognition or Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) – a term coined by Nick Bostrom, an Oxford futurist

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Technology on Display at HPMKT Spring 2018 in High Point North Carolina

RICHARDSON, TEXAS,  APRIL 26, 2018 Whether it is for the manufacturer, retailer, designer or the consumer, technology can play a major role in the entire buying process. During the HPMKT in High Point, North Carolina, Impiger Technologies showcased technology that can help at all stages of the buying and selling process. Impiger showed solutions using Augmented Reality, Bluetooth Beacons, Artificial Intelligence

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