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Service Management Apps Influencing Business Operations

Service management apps are the automated versions of the conventional customer care and can easily improve the company’s user engagement parameter. What are the issues that organizations face? Service provision and customer servicing are two very important elements that can either make or break the business operations. Several large companies with numerous service representatives face the issue of undivided attention.

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Augmented Reality: The Future Is Here. Is Your Retail Business Ready for the Change?

An interesting challenge awaiting the retail industry is exploring its usage in enhancing customer engagement and subsequently experience. And, Augmented Reality (AR) is conferred as the best choice for improving the in-store and online customer engagement experience.


Business Challenges and Benefits “with and without” Cloud Project Management

Business Challenges and Benefits “with and without” Cloud Project Management Organizations adopting the robust Cloud platform and tools have experienced more than 10% of growth compared to those without the tool. So, including the Cloud project management tools as part of your business strategy can help your business accelerate success and profits at minimal expenses. Aberdeen Group in a recent
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