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A Guide To Understand ‘Over The Air’ iOS App Release And Distribution

  Over the Air (OTA) is a method of wirelessly distributing an application and/or its updates to end- users. While the concept of updating an already installed app over the air is typical, releasing a new app for installation, especially for custom apps, is infrequent given its many advantages. This blog aims to be a primer about the little-known concept.

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ImpigerTech News You Need To Know: May 6 – 13, 2016

Apple Stock Hits Near Two-Year Low Amid Falling Sales And Credibility by  Aaron Pressman Following weak quarterly results, Apple’s stock plunged to a two-year low last week. After an amazing 8-year run,iPhone sales were flat and the sale of iPads and Mac computers continued to decline, resulting in the tech giant’s stock to decrease in value.  For a company that is

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ImpigerTech News You Need To Know: April 28 – May 5, 2016

Apple announces new Apple Music API By John Voorhees On April 28th 2016,Apple announced a new API for Apple Music. The most interesting feature of the new API is,now any app could become a major music streaming service if the user is an Apple Music subscriber. For example,Facebook can create a social playlist based on what your friends are listening
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Apple warns App Store name Squatters

In a move that brought smiles to app makers across the world,Apple has announced that all name squatters have been mailed to upload their binary within 90 days or the app name will be cancelled. Just like the lucrative domain squatting,many unscrupulous app developers had blocked potentially good app names with an intent to make some money from it later.

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