Start Ups

Technology isn’t just for the big players. Prototype your UI/UX and quickly build an MVP. Don’t be caught by surprise when your business lifts off - we can help you scale. 


Impiger built a native mobile application on iOS and Android that lets users sign up and choose from a list of over 1500 categories like movies, sports, comics, music, video games, etc they are a fan off.
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Impiger ported QTrak applications from iOS to Android and added several new features. The app now turns virtually any smartphone into a high-speed scanner and transfers package tracking information to a secure cloud database in real-time via a wireless or cellular connection.
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Impiger helped SquaredSky build an application that gave users an entirely new way to surf the internet. The solution allows users to personalize and browse all their favorite websites based on categories, both at work and at home.

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Impiger helped S’moresUp to build a website and execute digital marketing strategies to increase their app downloads and build a good online presence.
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