Healthcare & Benefits

Utilizing technologies, like AI chatbots, RPA, Blockchain, and mobile/web apps, lets you organize your information from different sources into one place and gives you a competitive edge.


Impiger helped freshbenies build a web and mobile solution that helps its members receive on-demand healthcare services that are not covered by insurance. The solution is a digital complement to their services and is helping freshbenies customers by taking the ‘headache out of healthcare’.
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Two reputed dentists with a great passion for medical sciences were expanding their dental practice and were on a mission to launch better pediatric crowns in the market.
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Practice Advantage

Impiger built a cloud-based, real time business intelligence dashboard solution for Pratice Advantage. The solution allows them to view every important data about their practice and their patients -enabling them to provide better healthcare. The suite also has a number of custom workflows that reduced paperwork and costs.

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