Web Application Development

Develop enterprise web applications using modern technology stack and low code development platforms.

Creative use of technology offers the flexibility and scale needed for web applications that drive digital transformation. Exposure of organizations digital services and assets using disruptive technologies like microservices is key to building engaging web applications that are scalable, feature-rich, and inclusive.   Creating web applications in the current digital world
With more than 15 years of experience delivering web-based solutions, our team of web architects and developers help in developing custom applications to meet your business requirements.
Our domain expertise in manufacturing, retail, health-care, insurance, real estate, and public services play an essential role in delivering functional web applications that engage relevant stakeholders. Our technical experience is with Open-source frameworks and Microsoft technologies.

Web Application Development
Our Services
Web Application Consulting
Web Application Consulting

With a plethora of technologies available for web application development, identifying the right technologies to invest in has a crucial role in differentiation and user engagement. We offer technology consulting services in deciding between Open-source frameworks or proprietary frameworks like Microsoft.

Architecture Consulting
Architecture Consulting

Our team of architects with extensive experience offer design & architecture services to help you with mapping your business goals with application and product roadmap. Services include defining architecture for web/cloud applications, platform re-engineering, legacy application modernization and integration/infrastructure design.

Open-source Development
Open-Source Applications

Impiger delivers enterprise-grade open source language based solutions that are robust, functional, and cost-effective. Enhance your existing web interfaces, functionality and integration layers of legacy web systems. Our open source technology expertise includes Java, C++, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript frameworks - Angular, React, Vue.js

Open-source Development
Microsoft Applications

Custom Microsoft application development services can help your business outperform competitors through innovative, scalable, and cost-competitive .NET applications.  Connect diverse applications and services across a variety of code bases on-premises or in the cloud with our .NET integration services.

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We get so many compliments on it from everywhere in the industry, everybody says it's so clean, it's so easy to use

Heidi Rasmussen

Co-Founder & COO

Wedge Advanced Software Product (WASP), builds mobile asset tracking application from Impiger to manage and track the fixed inventories and assets.

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